Published On: Mon, Mar 2nd, 2015

Alex Snitker responds to Rand Paul meme, discusses Libertarian stance

In 2010, I was the Libertarian candidate for US Senate in the state of Florida. I personally made the choice to run as a Libertarian because I believed in the party and what it stood for. I believed in individual liberty and economic freedom. I believed in balanced budgets and social tolerance.
Today, I still believe in all of those things and the Libertarian Party.
I also can attribute much of my activism, tenacity and views as a Libertarian to Ron Paul. He is not only one of the reasons why I am still fighting for these ideals in our country but in 2012 I switched my party registration and was the regional coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign in the Tampa Bay region. I believed in his message and I worked hard to have that message be heard in our area. He is also the reason thousands of others are involved in the Libertarian Party. As a party we owe him so gratitude.
Image/Libertarian Party Facebook page

Image/Libertarian Party Facebook page

However, I disagree with his decision to run in the Republican Party. I disagree with building a party I do not align with. I disagree with aligning with a party that has damaged our country just as much as the other. I even more so disagree with his son, Rand Paul.

Rand Paul is not a Libertarian and frankly he doesn’t claim to be. Rand Paul does not agree with the party on civil liberties. He has been inconsistent in his foreign policy and his “playing the game” gives me reason to have a mistrust for him. In some cases he has even worked to damage Libertarian candidates. Here in Pinellas County he partnered with Karl Rove to record a robocall in favor of Rep David Jolly who has been unabashedly anti-libertarian on foreign policy and the military industrial complex against a Libertarian candidate.
Having said all of that, I believe the meme put out by the Libertarian National Party on their social media pages insulting the Pauls was disgraceful. I found it so disgraceful that I contacted the Libertarian National Committee in my capacity as Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida to tell them exactly how disgusted I was with it. I have continued to insist it be removed from the page immediately. It was more than poor judgment. They made a statement as a party for us all and it did more to insult our own hardworking activists than it did to speak for Libertarians around the country.
While I disagree with Rand Paul he is not a Bush or a Clinton and in all of my criticism of him, I have never gone as far as to consider him in that same arena. I have questioned his principles when he was inconsistent. I have also promoted the times he has stood for liberty. In retrospect, I have also been very critical of my own party and every elected official. I have been a pundit for nearly 5 years and I can not think of a group I have not been critical of at some point.
I can understand Robert Herriman’s frustration with the message put out by the national Libertarian Party. In many ways I share his frustration and immediately took action to rectify the situation as best I could.
I also considered you a friend, Bob. We were on the same side of this issue. Had you talked to me before your critique of me and my show, you would have known that.
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About the Author

- Alexander Snitker is a United States Marine veteran and the first Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate from the State of Florida. Alexander Snitker is currently the President of the Liberty First Network and the Executive Director of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

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  1. Jote'Thompson says:

    The only job of Rand Paul is to keep Libertarians from winning. He has no chance of getting the GOP nomination. I thought the Meme was great. If Paul is there to split the Libertarian vote for the GOP, then by George we don’t need a Bush, a Clinton or a Paul.

    • Mike says:

      There has never in HISTORY been a better time a person like Rand Paul to win especially, with weak choices like a guy named Jeb and Hillary. Are you insane?

  2. joejoe says:

    Rand Paul has to try and appeal to both Republican and Libertarian voters to have even a small chance of winning.
    If he goes the pure Republican route he will lose and if he goes the pure Libertarian route he will lose and he would get the same treatment his father got.They would ignore,laugh and attack him from all sides and he would have zero chance of winning.I think Rand is simply playing politics.
    Remember Obama played politics and once he won,did the complete opposite of everything he ran on.Well Rand can play the same game.Only you wont see that Rand is a Marxist or communist like Obama,I think you would see he truly is a libertarian at heart.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp says:

    1) The meme was not “put out by the national Libertarian Party.” Someone posted it on their Facebook page. It was “put out by” Outright Libertarians, an LGBTQ caucus within the LP.

    2) While Mr. Snitker may or may not speak for the Florida LP as an organization on the matter, he definitely doesn’t speak for all Florida LP members on the matter. I know at least one Florida LP member who disagrees (I see him in the mirror when I shave).

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