Published On: Mon, Jul 22nd, 2019

Al Franken regrets resigning, Jane Mayer leads #MeToo hypocrisy campaign to make him a victim

Al Franken told the New Yorker in an interview published Monday that he “absolutely” regrets resigning from the Senate in 2018 following sexual harassment allegations from eight women.

Franken explained that in retrospect he would have appeared before the Senate Ethics Committee before stepping down.

“I can’t go anywhere without people reminding me of this, usually with some version of ‘You shouldn’t have resigned,’ ” he told the magazine.

The hypocritical piece by author Jane Mayer appears to point out the lack of due process in the #MeToo movement, noting that “Franken feels deeply sorry that he made women uncomfortable” closing with this paragraph which paints Franken as the victim:

The lawyer Debra Katz, who has represented Christine Blasey Ford and other sexual-harassment victims, remains troubled by Franken’s case. She contends, “The allegations levelled against Senator Franken did not warrant his forced expulsion from the Senate, particularly given the context in which most of the behavior occurred, which was in his capacity as a comedian.” She adds, “All offensive behavior should be addressed, but not all offensive behavior warrants the most severe sanction.” Katz sees Franken as a cautionary tale for the #MeToo movement. “To treat all allegations the same is not only inappropriate,” she warns. “It feeds into a backlash narrative that men are vulnerable to even frivolous allegations by women.”

Mayer is part of the biased media figures that rushed hit pieces on Brett Kavanaugh to print WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. In fact, months after his confirmation, she proudly was still investigating the Supreme Court justice, “It wasn’t a one-off.” she said to Elle of writing about the other accusers, who were later discredited.

As for whether Kavanaugh should have been confirmed to the Supreme Court, Mayer told ELLE that she made up her mind during the hearings. She said, “Almost everybody was a jerk in high school in some way, right? For me, what was much more important was how he deals with the truth about who he was. And the fact that he couldn’t means you’ve got somebody on the court who, I think almost certainly, lied under oath.”

Conservatives and Republicans as a whole view the #MeToo movement as a double standard with “ever changing rules” applied to each political side differently.

While Maher mentions Democrats ignoring the Clinton sex scandal for years, she seems happy to line up defenders of Franken to illicit sympathy while blatantly targeting Kavanaugh while his supporters, even female staffers, were rallying to his support.

It was “….much more important was how he deals with the truth about who he was” — the TRUTH of he he was, that Maher believed and expects us to ignore the photos and testimonies from women detailing Franken’s inappropriate behavior.

“Almost NOTHING His Main Accuser Said checks out: the Case of Al Franken” tweeted Jane Mayer this morning.

When I view the picture below, I ask myself “What is easier to believe? Photos like this one and women speaking out which paint this same picture or a journalist naming changing her tune for a Democrat…a likeminded political ally?”

I see and read an opportunistic journalist like Jane Mayer and I see hypocrisy, bad acting and an abuse of her journalistic talents.

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