Published On: Thu, Nov 29th, 2018

Airline and Car Rental Issues in CA

Traveling is a time for relaxation and fun. The whole point of going on vacation is so you don’t have to stress out over issues you experience in your typical day-to-day life. A California driving school will teach you how to stop reckless driving, but it won’t teach you how to stop reckless vacationing.

Next to deciding if you should get a hotel and car rental bundle, nothing will send you into a spiral of turmoilthan encountering flight and car rental issues. Knowing what could go wrong before it happens is one of the best ways to prepare for the worst case scenario. Especially, when you’re traveling to California this time of the year. Here are the flight and car rental issues you might expect when traveling in California.

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Delayed Planes and Car Rentals

Whether you’re renting a car or boarding a flight, you should always expect delays. Very rarely does an entire trip runs smoothly on time. Car rentals are notorious for their long line waits. Often, you could experience upwards to 20-30 minutes waiting just to speak to a representative. That doesn’t account for any document processing either.

Delays are just a natural part of traveling.

When you’re arriving for a flight, don’t be surprised if (or when) the plane is running behind schedule. More often than not, your flight won’t arrive on time. Especially when you’re traveling to California in light of recent fire related devastation. Some flights are even being transferred to other destinations.

Relocated Flights

When there’s a natural disaster or weather related issue, sometimes flights will have to relocate to other, nearby, destinations. Although this doesn’t happen often, there’s still a few instances of this occurring. When it does, passengers are can request reimbursement or other great perks. If you’re an open minded person, getting relocated to a new city could be a surprise trip in your vacation.

Cancelled Flights

Another common airline issue is when your flight is cancelled. This sudden surprise could leave you stranded in the airport. The negatives surrounding this are compounded when you’re on a tight vacation schedule. Typically, when your flight is cancelled, passengers will be move to a new flight or receive hotel accommodations until another flight is available.

Not Understanding Your Car Rental Policy

Chances are, when you arrive to your destination, you’ll rent a car. Renting is a time consuming process and that requires specific guidelines, documentation, and insurance. Therefore, it’s important to understand your insurance, so no time than necessary is wasted. One of the biggest issues with renting a car is not understanding your own policy. This will result in higher payment fees than you might have expected.

Misreported Damages

When you’re finally braved the car renting approval process, you’ll want to properly assess the vehicle for any scraps, bruises, or other related damages. Taking the extra safety precaution of knowing the car is fully intact and spotless will save you a few arguments when you return it. People run into the issue of not properly reporting the damages to the vehicle. As a result, they end up paying for it in the end – literally!

Misplaced Baggage

After you arrive at your hotel, resort, or other temporary homestead, make sure you have your luggage. One of the most common airline issues that pop up on traveling is misplaced travel baggage. Having your belongings shipped to Los Angeles, when you fly into San Francisco isn’t so farfetched. Unfortunately, passengers arrive to their destination without their belongings.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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