Published On: Wed, Oct 3rd, 2018

Affiliate Marketing, how it has evolved and why

Affiliate marketing- Why has it evolved?

Over the last couple of years, it has been observed that owing to the various algorithm updates of the search engine major, the affiliate marketing business in particular has suffered as far as returns and profits are concerned. In fact, many experienced digital marketers were disappointed to see their profits nose dive.

It is a bitter truth that affiliate marketing has been looked upon as tools for promoting websites that are of poor quality. The search engine major time and again has emphasized on the quality of content, relevant search results and preference of websites over those websites that do not adhere to the guidelines of affiliate marketing as slated by Google.

Affiliate marketing has changed over the years and evolved and has proved to be an advantage for the ‘respectable online vendors’, as they strive hard to earn their profits instead of opting for quick fixes and shortcuts. However, it is not dead unlike few industry players as they claim.

Google’s algorithm updates and your affiliate website

It is a well known fact that starting April 2012, Google introduced Google Penguin that identified and heavily penalized websites and webmasters that operated on black hat SEO techniques. Two of the prominent strategies adopted were link schemes and artificial ways of website manipulation.

However, for affiliate marketing websites, Google Panda was perhaps the most important update from the search engine major.

If affiliate marketing is dead, what is the alternative?

There are many people that are of the opinion that this form of marketing has lost its charm and perhaps dead. However, that’s not true. To further strengthen this belief, you can refer to http://affiliatesplaybook.net

Quality can be your savior

Time and again, it has been proved that a lot of emphasis has been laid on quality over quantity with every update that Google introduced for affiliate marketers. In fact, the main motive of the search engine major’s updates has been to offer the best possible content to the users and by doing so, the websites that have offered the best content also enjoyed better ranking in search results.

However, when it comes to quality, it is not just restricted to the digital marketers but also to the ones that sell products and services and are not affiliate partners.

Was it necessary for affiliate marketing to evolve?

Affiliate marketing is not dead but it has evolved for the better, not just for the consumers but also from the point of view of earning rankings for websites. There was a time when just about anyone could sell products online to make money regardless of the quality of the products or services.

However, when updates were introduced, it not only did away with the low quality products but also did justice to the respectable vendors that were genuine in their dealings and deserved better clients and returns. In other words, it ‘filtered’ the bad vendors out.

The demands of affiliate marketing requirements have changed

These days, in order that you stay afloat in the market, you have to not just churn out good quality content but the products have to be relevant too. There are 2 requisites, firstly, you must believe in your own product. You must be convinced first that your products will help consumers, and secondly, the content has to be of extremely good quality. Also, the SEO strategies have to be transparent and no quick fixes will work.

If at all, webmasters try to implement black hat SEO strategies, it will lead to the downfall of the websites. These updates by Google help to ward off these anomalies that are not desirable in affiliate marketing or digital marketing in any form.

Author: Jimmy Simond

photo/ Muhammad Ribkhan

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