Published On: Thu, Sep 24th, 2015

Advantages Of Using Real Browsers For Website Load Testing

photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

Web load is basically a process that can be used by online site/application owners in order to test loads with the use of real web browsers. Using website load testing through the use of real browsers does bring in various advantages you will want to learn about. That is what we will talk about in the following paragraphs.

HTTP Agents

The traditional load testing tool uses HTTP proxy in order to record web scripts. In most cases the maximum possible simulation is of around 20 times the virtual users that use an HTTP agent as opposed to the browser agent.

The Use Of Real Browsers

Many professional services like http://www.radview.com prefer using real browsers instead of the HTTP agents because of some extra advantages that appear. HTTP agents cannot actually replicate some of the situations that real browsers can. This includes:

  • Script Easing – HTTP agents do not execute JavaScript and DOM so individual requests have to be replicated and captured. Modern web applications are complex and dynamic. The dynamic variables have to be correlated or extracted and this is difficult to do if you are not using real browsers.
  • Parallel Connections – Browsers are capable of opening parallel multiple IP or TCP connections. This means that a simultaneous download of more content can take place. We have many response time differences that can appear when referring to different browsers because of this factor. At the same times, web servers are going to open more connections. When parallel connection numbers increase HTTP agents end up with difficulties as they cannot replicate the way in which the browser manages connections. Load tests can end up not being able to use a similar number of connections to what you see in real life.
  • Download Object Accuracy – The modern web world is 2.0 and this means that content increases in complexity. We have an increase in the number of objects that are downloaded on every single page. Most of the objects appear from third party services or CDN sources. HTTP scripts are capable of identifying a dynamic variable and will act well but when using real browsers, everything becomes faster and the objects that are downloaded are much more accurate.

Using Real Browsers Instead Of HTTP Agents

Using real browsers for website load agents is definitely something that has huge advantages but the HTTP agents still need to be considered in various situations. The web load tests will utilize HTTP agents and browsers because of the fact that both of them have proper uses. It is really important that you work with a professional testing company that does use the optimum test systems no matter the situation or the personal needs that exist at the moment.

The general practice is to basically use the web browsers first and then add some HTTP agents in order to add to everything in a proper way. With most of the modern testing necessities, you will need to seriously consider using the services of testers that can actually offer both.  

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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