Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

Advantages of Using a Custom Burner Management System Design

Whether you are in the oil and natural gas industry or power generation facilities, if you rely on a boiler for the smooth running of your business, you need to invest in a burner management system. The reason for this is because the BMS will not only increase safety but also boost performance and improve compliance among other things.

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Businesses face many challenges throughout the production process. The challenges include the need to keep the processes up and running with optimal uptime. This has to be done while maximizing the performance and profitability. In the long run, the process needs to produce high-quality products that are better than those of the competitors. Employee safety, plant reliability and environmental compliance are essential to the smooth operating process. Without the right BMS, you might find your company struggling even more. Investing in a prepackaged BMS design will provide you with a number of undeniable benefits.

Reduced complexity

The main role of the burner management systems is to keep track of the furnace. The system will re-ignite the flame when it goes off and also make sure that the preset temperatures are maintained throughout. Without this system in place, all this work would have to be done manually. Needless to say, the process will be both dangerous and time consuming.

A prepackaged burner management system design can be optimally scaled to meet all the needs of the process. The design is usually based on certified safety and related fail safe. It has an emergency shutdown feature which will power things down in case of a problem. What is more is that you can also change the custom settings to match what you are looking for. The system will also comply with the updated standards as well as recommendations by all compliance bodies.

Improve operations and maintenance

Another great thing about using the BMS is that operations and maintenance will be improved. This is mostly achieved by remote monitoring and control. Unlike manual operation, where you have to be in the boiler room or near the furnace to manage it, the advanced BMS makes it easy for you to control everything from your office. You will be able to review the temperatures, extinguish or ignite the flame and so on. This level of reliance makes it easy for you to control your furnace and in the end achieve better performance.

Increased safety

One of the best things about using the burner management system that is designed for you is that you get to enjoy more safety. This is achieved by the automated safety feature. When the preset temperature ranges are exceeded, the system will automatically turn off the flames. In case there is a problem with the burner, the system will automatically shut down. Increased safety means more compliance and fewer accidents.

There are so many benefits that come with the use of a BMS that is tailored for your company. You just need to make sure that you purchase the best system from the most reputable manufacturer out there.

Author: Charlie Brown

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