Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2017

Advantages of firm mattresses

Nowadays, most people are more concerned about their health than about having the modern trendy mattresses. This is why many people opt for a firmer mattress in order to sleep comfortably. In the past, if you wanted a firm mattress the only option that was available was the inner spring coil mattress that sat on sturdy box springs. This required one to sacrifice comfort in order to be supported firmly. But with the current sleeping technologies, there are many types of firm mattresses of various makes and models which offer both comfort and firmness.

Some of these mattresses which you can find at http://www.thebest-mattress.org/ include latex, memory foam and hybrid mattresses. Anyone who has changed from using a soft mattress to using a firm mattress will have a lot of reasons for doing so. A part from that, doctors, chiropractors and other health professionals believe that the benefits of sleeping on a firm mattress are many.

photo/ Wolfgang Claussen via pixabay

The first benefit of a firm mattress is superior comfort. You may never have a lot of support but you may always get support that is less than enough. This is mostly true for the elderly and those people who suffer from joint, neck and back pain.

The second benefit of a firm mattress is correct alignment of the spine. The right posture while sleeping matters a lot. If your back is out of whack the entire time you sleep, it will not be able to function normally the following day. A firm mattress keeps you well aligned in order to get through the day without straining or feeling stressed.

The third benefit of a firm mattress is deep rest. Bodies of human beings cannot rest fully if they sleep on a sagging soft mattress. Soft or sagging mattresses are always trying to make up for the unorthodox positions. And also note that not only your spine needs a good posture. Your neck, limbs and any other body part needs to feel cozy and comfy.

The fourth benefit of a firm mattress is correct weight distribution. If you lack enough support your body will sag on one side leading to muscles and joints misalignment.

The fifth benefit of a firm mattress is continuous health benefits. Proper rest implies proper health. When you are sleeping, the body is involved in various activities that are meant to rejuvenate and repair. During sleep, cells get repaired, insulin level gets lowered and the growth hormones get activated. If your mattress is not firm enough for deep rest you will lack this very important health benefits.

For you to enjoy all these benefits of firm mattresses you have to find the right one for you. If you have the wrong firm mattress, you might end up with health and sleep problems. The right firm mattress is one that will support the body in a neutral position, one that gives your spine a good curvature and your hips, shoulders, heels and head get supported in the correct alignment. A mattress that is too firm will push the main pressure points and misalign you. Conversely, if the mattress is too soft the pressure points will not be supported properly and your entire body will flop back. This is why you must determine the correct firmness level for your body.

Also, experts say that if a mattress has less cushioning, it is likely to offer good support to the neutral spine position when sleeping. When sleeping of a firm mattress with less cushioning, the bones in your body bear most of the pressure. This helps in freeing up your muscles thus letting your veins and arteries relax. This also improves circulation helping you sleep better. The mattress with the correct level of firmness also prevents one’s lower back from collapsing when lying on it. This prevents the airways from getting constricted letting the lungs to take in more oxygen. This is also very important in getting a good sleep.

Author: Sunil Gupta

photo/ Mattress Life

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