Published On: Mon, Jan 7th, 2019

Advantages of Contact Lens Over Glasses

Are you still on the fence about getting contact lenses? Worried that contact lenses are too high-maintenance or even too expensive for you?

If you’re still wearing glasses, you’re about to become the biggest supporter of contacts by the end of this.

  1. Better Vision

Yes, you read that right. Contact lenses offer a better field of sight without any obstruction because they conform to the curvature of your eyes. They don’t cause as many vision distortions as glasses do.


  1. Best for sports and exercise

Have you tried playing with glasses on? It’s nearly impossible. Unless you’re playing a routine game of chess. Contacts give you the freedom to explore all kinds of high-intensity sports without you having to squint or the fear that you might break your glasses.

  1. Outfit clash. What’s that?

Every so often you’ll find that the color or shape of glasses clash with your outfit or vice versa. Unless you plan on buying glasses in every shape and color, contact lenses are your savior. You never have to worry about what outfit to wear.

  1. Foggy Glasses vs Clear Vision

How often have you rolled up to a place and had your glasses fog up immediately? Or even tried drinking a hot beverage without completely losing your line of sight? Glasses always fog up when there is a difference in temperature whereas, with contact lenses, you never have to even think about that.

  1. Aesthetics

People often fret about how they look in glasses. Getting a pair of eyeglasses is a whole affair in itself. While some people look better with them, others find that they look much better without. If you have really poor eyesight, your glasses may be very thick and may make it look it you’re older than you actually are. Contact lenses offer you the freedom to explore your natural looks and are generally aesthetically appealing. And, if you’re worried that people might be able to tell you’re wearing lenses, switch to Hidrocor lenses. Hidrocor lenses are natural looking lenses and don’t have the tell-tale limbal ring around the eyes.

  1. Glasses and general discomfort

Some frames may keep pressing up on the sides of your head or even your nose and leave a semi-permanent mark on your nose indicative of your constant use. Contact lenses do no such thing. They are in fact extremely comfortable when kept clean.

  1. Contact lenses and experimentation

Have you ever wished your eyes were a different color? Perhaps blue, grey or even striking green? Colored contacts like Solotica lenses offer you that chance to experiment with your looks. You can also pop in Solotica lenses during Halloween to complete your scary outfit.

  1. Contact lenses and other eye wear

With glasses, it is impossible to wear sunglasses or any other type of protective eyewear let alone enjoy a 3D movie. Contact lenses allow you to wear sunglasses or other protective eyewear and enjoy movies with ease.

  1. Contact lenses can actually fix your vision

Some contact lenses can reshape your cornea as you sleep so that you can wake up the next day and not need to wear your glasses or contacts. People with myopia can benefit from regular use of such contact lenses

Contact lenses are great for people who lead an active lifestyle and wish to experiment with their looks. Contacts aren’t that expensive either as they used to be so it’s completely a viable option if you choose to switch to contact lenses.

Author: Lynn Joseph

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