Published On: Mon, Jul 24th, 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking Protein Supplements

Although it is best to take all required nutrients from regular food, protein supplements have multiple benefits that support and facilitate your body’s health. Therefore, many nutritionists recommend taking protein supplements along with a balanced, healthy diet if you want to attain a weight of 120 kgs.

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Given below are some advantages and disadvantages of taking protein-based supplements:


  •         A major benefit of taking protein supplements is that they help you gain a healthy weight by increasing your lean body mass. That’s why a lot of bodybuilders consume supplements to augment heavy-duty workouts.
  •         Protein supplements speed up the recovery time after intensive workouts. If you take the right supplement, your body won’t get fatigued or exhausted easily.
  •         Supplements are very filling and keep your body sated for a long time. This helps you reduce your intake of junk foods and calorie-laden meals.
  •         These supplements boost your body’s metabolic rate, thereby helping you burn calories much faster.
  •         They are rich sources of proteins, especially if you take the right supplements in the right quantities. The proteins derived from these supplements help in growing, regenerating and restoring tissues and muscles.
  •         Protein supplements can be taken by vegans as well.
  •         After every workout session, your body requires protein to repair muscle wear and tear. The protein supply derived from supplements will help your body recover more quickly.
  •         If your diet does not contain enough proteins for intense muscle gain, consuming protein-based supplements can do the job.
  •         Taking protein supplements also boosts your body’s immunity against a host of diseases. According to research, if you take a supplement along with your workouts, you will face a lower likelihood of getting sick.


Protein supplements are usually taken by individuals who either want to lose weight or gain lean muscles. Although they are very effective in increasing lean mass if taken in appropriate amounts, they can be still dangerous for your health. Some of the main disadvantages of supplements are given below:

  •         When it comes to protein supplements, ‘more is better’ is not true. Many people mistakenly believe that consuming excessive amounts of supplements will help them gain muscles quickly. In fact, this excess can lead to many other health problems, so it is advisable to monitor your protein intake.
  •         While selecting a supplement, make sure to read its ingredients thoroughly. Ensure that it is low in carbohydrate and fat content and consists mostly of proteins. Avoid those that have high amounts of calories. According to research, if a supplement contains 150 or more calories of sugar per serving, it can prove quite harmful to your health.

These are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of taking protein-based supplements. Reviewing the list, it is best to consult your physician or a nutritionist before consuming these supplements.

Author: Maria Fedco

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