Published On: Sat, Apr 6th, 2013

Adrianne Palicki talks Lady Jaye in ‘GI Joe Retaliation,’ working with Dwayne Johnson and being a role model to girls

Adrianne Palicki  suggested that her GI Joe: Retaliation character Lady Jaye is a hero for girls, both “sassy” and “vulnerable”.  Palicki discussed the new film and working alongside The Rock during an interview with Flicks and Bits.

adrianne-palicki-g-i-joe-retaliation“For me, the great thing about Lady Jaye in this movie is that she’s somebody that girls can look up to. It’s such a well rounded part, because she gets to be funny, she gets to be sassy, she gets to be the intelligence of the group, she’s a sharpshooter, and she also gets to be feminine, she gets to be vulnerable. It was a great opportunity as an actor to play these different facets. She does have a bit of a chip on her shoulder, she is in this group of guys. She has a bit of sass to her and a strength in having to constantly prove herself. But she’s got multiple qualities, that was something I dug.”

Channing Tatum returns with Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis for the sequel and Palicki praised her co-star The Rock.

“I have to say, he definitely lived up to the reputation he has worldwide: he’s such a gentle giant. He’s lovely to everyone, he’s funny, he’s easy going, he’s humble and really great to work with. Dwayne is very helpful in finding good points in the script or good dialogue; he’s really about the story. Even in rehearsals, we were doing rehearsals for weeks and there was a scene that we were crawling on the ground, and here’s The Rock crawling on the ground with us for hours and hours, he really wanted to get in there and get in the trenches. We immediately formed a bond, the whole group of us, and I think Dwayne was a massive part of that. Working with Dwayne was so awesome.”

Needless to say, the training was extensive and she was happy to endure the routines.

“I got paid to get fit, learn how to shoot guns, play soldier…. not bad (laughs). It was all fun. And thankfully, I’d shot ‘Red Dawn’ and had just come from doing ‘Wonder Woman.’ Because of those experiences, I was able to focus on the fine-tuned details like how to holster a gun and pull it out correctly so that guys who have been doing this for years won’t watch it and think we’re full of it (laughs). But it was a lot of work, weeks of work. Also, training was about 8 hours a day, which included training with Navy SEALs, hand-to-hand combat training, stunt training, choreography unit training, weapons training and actual physical training. It was a lot.”

Check out the full interview here


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