Published On: Thu, Jul 30th, 2015

ADF targets Colorado Planned Parenthood for not reporting underage sexual abuse, performing abortions on minors without parental consent

Alliance Defending Freedom filed a complaint Wednesday with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies on behalf of Colorado Family Action against a Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood abortionist and another employee. According to information obtained from a recently settled civil lawsuit, the two employees failed to comply with Colorado law by not reporting the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl, performed an abortion on the girl without giving notice to her parents, and returned her to the custody of the sexual predator, who continued to sexually molest her.The new complaint comes amidst considerable controversy concerning the Colorado Planned Parenthood affiliate. On Tuesday, the Center for Medical Progress released a video showing Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood Vice President and Medical Director Savita Ginde apparently negotiating the sale of aborted baby parts as a technician picks through them in a Petri dish.

In addition, ADF attorneys represent the former executive director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in a lawsuit against the affiliate regarding $14 million of taxpayer subsidies the abortion giant received despite a state constitutional amendment that prohibits the use of state taxpayer dollars to directly or indirectly fund abortions.

“The financial bottom line of abortionists should not be more important than protecting children from predators,” said ADF Legal Counsel Natalie Decker. “Failing to report the sexual abuse of a minor is horrifically tragic and illegal. Planned Parenthood has repeatedly shown brazen and appalling disregard for the law, including laws designed to protect children from this kind of damaging physical and emotional abuse. Colorado authorities should hold Planned Parenthood and its employees accountable.”
In August 2014, ADF provided the department with a copy of aletter that ADF had sent to Colorado’s then-Attorney General John Suthers requesting an investigation of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood. ADF has no information to indicate that the state has conducted any investigation of Planned Parenthood or the two employees involved in the situation.
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In May 2012, the sexually abused girl’s parent filed their civil lawsuit in Denver District Court against Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood for failing to report the sexual abuse, which the girl’s stepfather began committing when she was only six. When the child, known in court documents as “R.Z.,” became pregnant, the stepfather took her to Planned Parenthood, where, without her mother’s knowledge or consent, Planned Parenthood performed an abortion on May 3, 2012. Planned Parenthood then returned the child to the sexual predator, who continued the abuse.

One Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood employee admitted in a deposition in the civil suit that “being 13 and pregnant alone is not a red flag” for the organization. According to court documents, no Planned Parenthood employee inquired into the nature of the girl’s relationship with the predator or about potential abuse even though she is a minor. The step-father has since been convicted and incarcerated for his crimes.

“Colorado law mandates the reporting of known or suspected abuse of minors, yet Planned Parenthood made no such report,” Decker explained. “Tragically, had any of their employees made a call to authorities the day they saw this 13-year-old girl with her abuser, as Planned Parenthood is legally obligated to do, her abuse would have ended that day.”

“Colorado law further requires that written notice be provided to parents of a minor before any abortion is performed, yet in this instance, the child’s mother was unaware of the abortion until more than two months after it had occurred,” Decker added.

“A failure to investigate this gross negligence denies justice to this young girl and puts more children at risk,” said ADF Senior Counsel Michael J. Norton. “Planned Parenthood plays fast and loose with laws that put parents and children first. They should not be allowed to ignore them.”



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