Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2020

Addressing the Myths about Electric Bikes

Have you heard about electric bikes? If so, what exactly have you heard? It is likely that you have been told certain things that are myths, a few half-truths and perhaps even one or two flat out lies. It is really important, if you are considering investing in an electronic bike, or in a kit through an e bike kits seller so you can make your own, that you know what the truth is. Below are some of the most common myths out there.

Myth 1 – New bikes always have to be fully assembled

This is a typical half truth. Generally speaking, for ease of transportation, new e bikes will have the steering wheel, saddle and peddles removed, and sometimes also the front wheel. However, this does not mean you have to fully assemble the bike. All you really need to do is click the different parts into position and you will be good to go. So don’t be put off by the statement that ‘some assembly may be required’, as it really isn’t rocket science.

Pee wee Herman big adventure red white bikeMyth 2 – You can’t go very far on an e bike

This is another half truth and is based mainly on misinformation. First of all, define what ‘far’ is. Different people have different definitions of it. However, when you hear you can’t go very far on an e bike before it runs out of power, it sounds as if people mean that you can barely get to the other side of the street. Different engines do last longer than others and if you want to travel significant differences, a four stroke may be better than a two stroke for you. However, remember that if your e bike runs out of power, it doesn’t become stationary. Some even have a dynamo attached, which means you charge them as you go.

Myth 3 – E bikes are not road legal

That one is a flat out lie! E bikes fall under the regular rules of bicycles, which means that you can go wherever a bike can go. Generally, this means that you are not allowed to ride on the pavement and must be on the road, sharing your space with vehicles. The exception is if there are bicycle lanes, which you must use instead of the road if available. You are not, ever, allowed on highways or other such roads, just as you are not allowed to do that with a regular bike.

Myth 4 – E bikes don’t last

Another lie! Naturally, durability always depends on how you treat your bike. If you run it into the ground and never maintain the different parts, it will break down sooner or later. However, if you do look after it properly, run regular maintenance and keep your parts clean, your e bike will last forever. And the simple truth is that they require much less maintenance as cars, but nobody says that you shouldn’t buy a car because they require maintenance either.

Now you know the truth about e bikes!

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