Published On: Wed, May 26th, 2021

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Why Drug Addiction Takes a Permanent Treatment Approach to Beat It

Quitting a drug is one challenge that’s hard enough. However, the much harder task involves staying off that drug and committing to a permanent change and resistance to addiction. People quit drugs all the time. However, the rate at which people then go back within a few days and weeks is tremendous because an addiction is very hard to completely stop. It’s not just a physical need for a drug; one is also fighting their own mind, literally. 

Beating addiction takes time, fortitude, and discipline. And all three of those elements have to happen with patience, training, and support. No one has ever beaten an addiction cold turkey in one day. Even in the strongest of cases, there has always been a lingering need, just sitting and waiting for an opportunity to come back again. This is the insidious nature of addiction; it doesn’t fight a fair battle. Instead, an addiction pops up again when a person is weak, under pressure or stress, and is suffering from anxiety. In those breakdown moments, the addiction comes back the strongest. It’s no surprise so many people relapse, even years after first breaking an addiction.

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Motivation is the Key

To successfully break an addiction long-term a person needs to have enough of a strong motivation to overcome the pullback of an old addiction when it hits the hardest. In most cases, that kind of motivation is often associated with what a person realizes is the most important thing in their life. A loved one, family, a career, a successful path, all of those things with clarity become very strong motivators that work as a solid defense against an addiction if a person relearns again how to value them. That takes time, training, and skill-building.

Over-the-Counter Cures Don’t Work

Unfortunately, anytime there is a serious need, someone will find a way to make a business out of selling gimmicks. There is no over-the-counter cure that one can take the next more to kick an addiction. The brain simply doesn’t turn off a negative behavior that easily. The proof is visible in all the weight loss gimmicks available which people take by the thousands, and none of them work. Formerly fat people just go back to being overweight again.

True addiction solutions happen with intensive but caring support, training, and guidance, the kind of addiction help one can get at The Palm Beach Institute. It’s instrumental in teaching addicts the necessary skills to not just quit a drug upfront, but to stay clean tomorrow, the day after that, and permanently, despite the challenges that come up. Addiction treatment has to address the body and mind at the same time, which is why the Palm Beach Institute strategy takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment versus just the visible, simple symptom response so common in quick hospital visits and similar. 

Find out today what it takes to really beat addiction once and for all. Don’t continue to be a statistic for relapses and failed short treatments. Instead, be a permanent success and beat a drug addiction once and for all.


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