Published On: Wed, Sep 5th, 2018

Acts of Terror, Mass Shootings, and the Workers Compensation Act

It’s always a difficult thing to open up old wounds. And that metaphor could not be more fitting in the case of acts of terror and mass shootings. While they are different in terms of motive, their effects on the community are just the same—people become wary and fearful of each other, and that can be expected.

These violent acts can happen anywhere at any time. The most recent of which is the shooting at a Madden 19 video game tournament. This shooting left four dead (including the suspect) and 11 injured.

photo/ Mary Pahlke

Sometimes, the innocent people in the area are there not because they want to be, but because their work compels them to be present. This raises a few questions as to how workers protected in the event that such violent acts happen to them. Let’s face it, it’s a scary thought to have anything bad happen while you’re at work, but it can happen.

The facts are as clear as crystal. These things do happen. And it’s always best to know what to do in case these types of attacks do happen. While the chances of a mass shootings happening to you are low, your chances of survival depend entirely on how you’re able to respond to such a situation. This article should help you with that.

And as for what to do after, especially if you’re a worker at the establishment where the attack occurred, well, you’re going to want to talk to workers compensation lawyers about any lost wages or psychological damage.

Let me explain why.

The Workers’ Compensation Law is a law that’s meant to protect workers should any unexpected incident happen to them as a result of a) their employment and as a result of b) the performance of their duties.  It’s only when these two conditions are met that a worker’s compensation claim may be awarded.

A worker’s compensation claim is a mechanism put in place by the law that helps to protect the victims of accidents and other unfortunate events. This is, in particular, meant to address the needs of professionals who are constantly exposed to danger (as is the case with medical professionals and law enforcement)

photo/Claim Accident Services

A worker’s compensation lawsuit is different from most lawsuits in the fact that it does not seek to impute fault onto any party. Rather, it’s merely meant to determine whether a worker is eligible for compensation or not. (Compensation comes in the form of either cash, medical care, or a combination of both.)

This law applies to any worker who has been injured severely during the course of his or her employment and during the performance of official duties. The law dictates that the severity must be enough to impede the person from being able to function properly, both occupationally and socially.

These injuries are not only limited to physical types but also include psychological damage.

However, one thing to take note of is the conditions under which the claim can be awarded. One of the most important conditions is the sobriety of the worker. Any injury that results from hindered perception (like in the case of a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs) will not be considered.

Author: Vaan is a Psychology Major who is also an aspiring lawyer. He has about 15 years of writing experience and a passion for all things Law, Psychology, Sociology, Technology, and Fashion-related. When he isn’t typing away on his computer, he spends his time lifting at the local gym, honing his skills in Muay Thai, reading a good book, or shopping for the latest hyped-up sneakers.

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