Published On: Thu, May 23rd, 2019

Academic Writing 6 Ways to Improve Students’ Skills

Many students in college struggle with their academic essays due to lack of the best writing technique. The fact that writing is an essential part of the learning process makes things worse for those who don’t make an effort to improve their writing skills. With the little time available for research and writing in college, you need to hone your skills to guarantee every paper you submit meets the highest standards. With the best writing skills, it is even possible to make money from freelance writing jobs online.

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If you always struggle with academic writing projects, you will find here some effective tips to perfect your writing skills. Keep reading.


  • Pick interesting Topics For Your Papers


If you want to excel in academic writing, you have to make things easier by finding topics that interest both you and the reader. If you find an interesting topic, you will have the motivation to research and find more materials to improve your paper. The quality of writing in such a paper is better than when you have and bland boring topic.


  • Leverage Online Writing Tools


The internet is a treasure trove of writing resources and you can always get tools to improve your writing. Some of these writing resources help in research, organization of ideas, and editing and proofreading, time management among other things.

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They include editing apps such as Grammarly, Hemmingway App, Scrivener, Evernote, Mindnode, PaperRater among others. There are also productivity apps such as Trello, Mendeley, Pocket, Momentum, RescueTime among others. All these tools improve your writing and ensure you submit an error-free academic paper on time.


  • Read Academic  Paper Samples


If you want to excel in writing, you have to read what others have written. Look for sample papers online and learn how to structure your sentences, arrange ideas, format your academic paper and much more. You can get free sample papers from online essay writing services to improve your writing.


  • Use Writing Professionals


If you have a problem finding ideas for your paper or organizing your thoughts, it is advisable to collaborate with a writing expert. Paper helpers work closely with students to bring out ideas and transform them into A+ academic essays. You can augment your ideas by working with these professional writers and with time, you will note an improvement in your academic skills.


  • Plan Your Writing


One of the main reasons many college students struggle with their essays is lack of planning. An article published on the University of Otago’s website clearly emphasizes the need for planning, “If you want to write a good essay, you should maximize the amount of time you spend planning an essay before you start to write.”  

Most students want to complete their paper and move on to more interesting stuff but this affects the quality of writing they do. Proper planning includes brainstorming for ideas, identifying resources required for the academic writing project, formulating a thesis and gathering materials for an academic paper.


  • Create An Outline Of Your Academic Paper  


If you want to improve your writing skills, you need to learn how to organize your thoughts into a coherent paper. To do this, you need a paper outline which includes an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Other ways to improve your academic writing skills include diversifying your research sources, reading and writing as much as you can, seeking feedback from other people and using such feedback to improve your writing. You have to dedicate yourself to the task at hand every time you sit down to write.

Author: Liana Simmons

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