Published On: Tue, Nov 26th, 2019

A Winning Business Strategy for Startup Businesses

Growing and expanding a business is the biggest challenge an entrepreneur faces. In order to grow a business, several aspects have to be considered and gauged upon which requires a lot of expertise as well as time. Attempting to expand too quickly and notoriously has historically sunk some of the most prominent businesses in the world, and being a start-up, well that is not even an option to consider. 

However, if done right it can take you to greater heights in a very short span of time and help you create history. To really survive there are some rules that are to be followed. Those who managed to follow these rules made it big and those who didn’t well they seize to exist. 

So, the choice is yours- you can either make it big or perish just like the others did!

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Here are 6 non-negotiable principles that all the young and budding businesses should adhere to in order to become successful and grow like never before!

Write an effective business plan that sells

Having a blueprint before constructing anything comes in very handy. Similarly when you are starting a business, writing and putting together a well-structured business plan can be really helpful. It acts as a roadmap that outlines all the goals and targets of your company and how you plan to achieve them. It also shows you the path you should be taking in order to become successful. 

However, constructing a business plan that speaks excellence is a very difficult task that requires a lot of expertise and skills to accomplish. In such a case having pre-designed PowerPoint presentation templates can be really helpful. 

Know who to sell and when

Knowing your target customers is the key when it comes to selling yourself. And in order to sell effectively, it is important to know everything about your customers. 

You can conduct extensive research on who your target audience is, what is their preferences and other details about them. By adopting a strategic approach to getting to know your customers more, you are in a better position to design products and marketing messages that attract more customers towards your product and service. 

Let high-quality service be your USP

Along with deciding and researching your target audience, make your team competent enough to cater to them. Build an effective team with trained employees who can provide high-quality products to your customers. It takes a lot of effort to actually get trusted by your clients. So, don’t break their trust by providing a bad customer experience that they will regret throughout. 

In short, never compromise on giving an outstanding customer service experience irrespective of the reinvention, growth or expansion of your company. 

Monitor your competitors

This is a vital consideration for every business regardless of its expansion plans. If you do not understand your competitors and their activities, it will be much harder for you to compete with them. Therefore keeping an eye on your competition is extremely important and necessary if you want to establish yourself. 

The information you should find out about your competitors includes the demographics that appeal to them, how they are allocating the resources and which customer base are they targeting. It is also vital to know about the market that your competitors are planning to overtake with their products and services so that you can tap that market place. 

Use the technology to advance 

Being a start-up, embrace technological advancement and the shifts it is bringing to the traditional way of functioning. From automation to digitization, learn how and when to take advantage of all these innovations to deliver better products and services to your customers. 

Promotion using Internet

Since its inception, the internet has grown from an ordinary experiment to a network of a gigantic living organism that governs all of our lives today. Filled with oddities and subcultures, the internet has grown explosively and practically taken over our lives with its modern approach and usability. As the internet is anywhere and everywhere, use it to your advantage by promoting yourself online on various social media platforms.

Being a start-up establishing yourself using the traditional approach of building a clientele won’t be enough. But if you incorporate and use social media to promote yourself it can bring you a lot of prospects and thus help you grow and expand. 

Let’s risk it not lose it 

Risk is a fundamental aspect of growth and expansion. So, always attempt to bring some new and exciting to the table to get things turned. 

Start-ups usually don’t take risks because they fear to lose. There are millions and trillions of startups who are frightened of taking risks, as a result, they remain where they have always been. But you should take the road less traveled not the road that has footsteps all along. Therefore, take risks even if you are just starting up. By choosing risk over your fear, you will be able to grow and expand as none other startups ever did. 

Track your results 

All your efforts will be reduced to dust if you don’t know how successful they are. It is vital to study the results of your efforts to decide how effective they are. Even the best entrepreneurs rarely hit the jackpot after having the best strategy because they fail to assess the effectiveness of their work. 

There are different strategies that you can use to analyze your results and to draw up an effective plan of action on the basis of these results. For this identify all the variables using ready-to-use PPT Templates and present your results with it, to determine the best strategy for your expansion and growth. 


By and large, expanding your business in the right way is vital to its success and also to maintain its benefits in which these 6 principles can help you. Using these 6 non-negotiable principles can bring a revolutionary shift in the functioning of your organization that can help it grow and expand even further. 

Author Bio – Jenna Davis is a Business Analyst at SlideTeam, the world’s largest PowerPoint presentation and Google slide templates provider. Reading and writing is one of her favorite activities in free time. She is passionate to assist businesses to attain a competitive edge with her writing skills on small business topics, marketing, branding and business success stories. 

Author: Jenna Davis

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