Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

A Right to a Better Life: Getting the Help You Deserve With Your Disability

Coping with a disability and trying lead as normal a life as possible, often depends on a number of significant factors, such as ensuring that you get all of the help you are entitled to.

Sometimes, it takes the services of a security disability attorney, such as Marasco & Nesselbush LLP, to fight on your behalf for the level of financial help you deserve and should be receiving.

Here is a look at how you can set about following a path that sets you on the road to seeking the sort of assistance that you need, deserve, and should be receiving.

photo tweeted Bryan Singer

photo tweeted Bryan Singer

Applying for disability benefits

There are not many who would disagree with the observation that applying for Social Security disability and SSI disability benefits, can be an arduous and time-consuming experience.

It is a constant source of frustration that the system for applying can often appear to be so cumbersome and complicated. It is also a very difficult time for applicants, who need help urgently but often get denied first time around, before having to go back and appeal.

Often, the key to making a successful application for disability benefits and to win an appeal, is to understand what it is in terms of symptoms and limitations that you have, that the Social Security Administration is looking for.

Your doctor will often provide a pivotal role in your application process, by filling out a residual functional capacity form, that confirms that you have these specific limitations, and therefore are entitled to the help that is available.

Improving your chances of success

One of the fundamental reasons why filing for Social Security disability benefits takes so long, is that many make one or a few basic mistakes when applying, which can often result in a denial or at the very least, a further delay in your application.

One of the common errors is claiming for unemployment benefits and claiming for disability benefits at the same time.

You will often find differences of opinion in this area, and it is understandable that you are claiming for unemployment benefit so that you can get some income. The problem is, that while you are filing for Social Security disability, you are also stating that you are ready and available to perform work, should a suitable job arise.

This creates a conflicting statement about your ability and readiness for work, so take some proper advice about your situation before making your claim.

See your doctor

Another situation that will often weaken your claim for disability, is not seeing your doctor on a fairly regular basis.

Your doctor is often the conduit between Social Security and your application, so disability examiners will want to see that you are taking prescribed medication and receiving medical treatment for your condition.

As there is a cost attached to regular doctor’s appointments, this can create a dilemma if your income is restricted, but seeing your doctor regularly, will often confirm to disability examiners that you need the help that you are applying for.

If you live with a disability and need help coping, it is important that you know how to go about getting that help that you deserve.

Guest Author :

Amelie Farrell is an avid writer who uses her own experiences as a disabled person to raise awareness of the daily issues those with disabilities face.

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