Published On: Wed, Jun 20th, 2018

A Recipe Every Logo Designer Should Have

Every logo designer should know only too well that a logo is one of the most important things that help brands to build their visual identities. A logo will be the face of a business. It will tell potential customers if that particular business is trustworthy and if their products or services are any good. What is more, a logo will tell them what to expect when they support a specific business. Can you really get all of that from just a logo? Yes, definitely!

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So, it is really absolutely crucial that a logo designer knows what he or she is doing when putting together a logo.

What is a good logo?

When thinking of good logo design there are certain important logo design basics that you at all times have to remember. In short, there are four fundamentals of logo design that a logo designer should implement. Ultimately you want an uncomplicated logo that will look great on a business card, letterhead or big banner for many years to come.

To help logo designers with this daunting tips, here are some simple steps that will deliver a great result every time.

A handful of research

Before you start designing a logo be sure to check out the competition, because the last thing you want is a logo that looks like the competitor’s one.

Also try to find logos you really like. Ask yourself, “What makes me like them?” Perhaps you can only find examples of specific elements that you like in a logo. That is also fine and it will help you to get started.

After you have found a few logos or elements that you like, look for logos that you do not like. This is also a great exercise as it can help you to eliminate designs and elements so that you do not lose focus of what a great logo should look like.

A dash of colour and different typeface

The colours and typeface should fit in with your style guides. Each colour and shape will evoke different associations and emotions. For instance, the colour blue will stir up feelings of being trustworthy and professional, while the colour white is all about purity and simplicity. Therefore choosing the right colour is actually an important decision to make.

With regards to typeface, some people say that the choice of typeface is the same as choosing what to wear for a certain occasion. Your font will need to be versatile and represent what your brand stands for. So, should it be casual, formal or trendy? If you do decide to use more than one type of font, just make sure that these two fonts do not clash. Though, using more than one font can be a risky move.

Try your logo design before serving it to your client

Before you start designing, first try to make some drafts on paper. If you have an idea of the general outlines of your logo design it will make the actual creation of your logo a lot easier. Once you are happy with your drawings, you can start to create your logo digitally. This is just a much easier way of designing a logo.

Start cooking!

Now that you have done all the prepping, it is time to start cooking! There are some amazing tools out there that will help you cook up an amazing logo. Here are some of the best tools available on the market.


For this tool, you do not need any design background! The tool will take you through a few steps by asking you about yourself, your mood, some questions about your company and it will spit out a few logo suggestions from which you can work. So, if you are a logo designer, this tool might just save you an hour or two. At least it can be a good place to start.

Online Logo Maker

Online logo maker is a free online tool that lets you upload a symbol and text that you then can adapt as you like. Once ready you can download the logo and use it anywhere. The logo stays in your account and you can always go back to make more changes to it.  

Logo Genie

The Logo Genie is versatile and fast. Brace yourself, it is very fast! Just type in the name of the company and the category it falls in and the Logo Genie will spill out some logo options.


This one is a bit of a combination of the two previous online tools. You upload the name of the company, add a few existing logos that you have looked at and the tool returns a few logo options that are inspired by the data you have uploaded. Though, this tool is not free to use, but it is very affordable.

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