Published On: Thu, Oct 22nd, 2020

A Quick Guide to Selling Your Ferrari

Owning a Ferrari may be a universal goal in the mind of every car enthusiast, but as a Ferrari owner, there may come a time when selling your Ferrari becomes an option (whether you want to trade-in the old and trade up for a new Ferrari or you are just looking to sell it outright).

Selling a Ferrari is nothing like selling a regular car, but while it may seem like a daunting task, there are measures to take to ease the burden. 

The first step is to make sure all ownership paper and service records are in order. With this settled, the next issue to tackle would be how to set the asking price.

If you are selling a Ferrari to an authorized car dealership, they will likely give you an honest estimate based on the most up-to-date information. But if you prefer to enter the marketplace on your own, you need to figure out the true market value of your car. Because with exotic cars, there are so many factors to consider that one wrong move could easily rob you of thousands of dollars of your car’s true value. 

Imagen de Toby Parsons en Pixabay

Do your own research on what similar models are going for, then set yours according to the car’s specific conditions. For example, you can make yours comparatively pricey if it has barely been driven. However, be careful not to overprice the vehicle, keeping your price realistic.

Next, you will need to work on presentation. Your Ferrari should enter the market place in pristine condition. Take the vehicle for a professional wash. Have it thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed to put in the best possible light.

At this point, you need to take some snapshots to accompany your ad. It is very important to take a good set of pictures that show important angles of your Ferrari. 

Your shots should include: a front three-quarter shot, a low front shot, one of the driver’s seat, and another of the dashboard. While taking these shots, think of your Ferrari as a model you’re photographing for the front cover of a top magazine. Place your car in a central position in a clean, uncluttered environment and snap away.

Bear in mind that you must be honest with your pictures. Do not attempt to disguise any dents or scratches on your vehicle, because interested buyers are going to see them anyway, and they will then just wonder what more you may be hiding.

A car auction house is another way to sell your vehicle if you have doubts about selling your Ferrari online. It might be a little risky, but a couple of bidders could drive the price up.

Replacing your sports car

If you have your mind set on selling your car, hopefully it is because you want to buy a newer, and better one. Of all the amazing exotic cars released this year, one model we would recommend is one of Ferrari’s latest and best, the LaFerrari Aperta.

This car combines the very best of aerodynamics with a futuristic, sleek finish, and of course, the incredible performance that Ferraris are known for. If you are selling your Ferrari to upgrade, La Ferrari Aperta is the one!

Closing tip:

Do not attempt to sell your car too strongly. A Ferrari is a luxury item and ideally, it ought to sell itself. So give interested people enough time and space to come to a decision on their own. Allow them to make a decision at their own time, after all, Ferraris are quite expensive and it cannot be easy to part with all that money. 

Author: Carol Trehearn

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