Published On: Mon, Feb 17th, 2020

A Perfect Professional: 6 Timeless Accessories For Men

Fashions change, but style is forever, which is why every professional man needs to stock his closet with a fine collection of accessories. These 6 items will ensure that you’re prepared for any occasion, from the board room to the dining room, while always looking your best.

Always On Time With An Automatic Watch

Smart watches may be all the rage right now, and you can customize them with leather bands to make them more fashionable, but the fact is that you’ll be spending several hundred dollars every few years on upgrades. 

Instead, invest in a traditional automatic watch with a leather band made by an established brand. These watches are designed to be passed down and with proper care, they’ll need little more than some polish to keep working and looking their best.

photo TheAndrasBarta Pixabay

Pack It All In A Leather Messenger Bag

Once upon a time, briefcases were all the rage, but in today’s high-tech era, they’ve lost their role. Instead of a briefcase, swap in a handmade leather messenger bag for all the style and twice the function. A leather messenger bag can handle your laptop on weekdays, or enough gear for a weekend getaway, making it an all-purpose tote.

Look Fine In A Fedora

All jokes aside, fedoras are a classic men’s hat, and despite the internet memes, you really can’t go wrong by pairing a fedora with dressier pieces, like office wear, an Oxford, or even chinos during the summer. With a slightly wider brim, you can also get away with a slightly more casual look, like jeans and a leather jacket. To get the most out of your fedora, you’ll want to have more than one to suit the tone of the event, as well as the weather, but a midweight black one is a great foundation piece.

Those Laid-Back Leather Loafers

Forget those stiff penny loafers you wore as a kid. These leather loafers are closer to what your dad wore as slippers than what matched your school uniform. Grab a pair of soft leather loafers that you can pair with summer shorts – sans socks – or dressed up for work. They’ll last for years, softening and crinkling with wear in a way that makes you look distinguished.

Style Your Signature With The Perfect Pen

It may seem silly, but there’s something distinguished about a man who carries his own pen — one that’s more than just your average Bic. So, what should you be signing your John Hancock with? Ideally you want a fountain pen, maybe even one with a distinctive ink color, that you can withdraw from your leather bag at a moment’s notice. Once you discover the pleasures of a fine pen, you’ll never go back to ballpoint. 

Cashmere – For That Touch Of Luxury

Finally, no man’s wardrobe is complete without the elegance of cashmere scarf. Maybe not as useful if you live in warmer climates (in that case, try silk), cashmere is unbelievably soft, and the perfect way to add color and texture to your winter wardrobe. When everything is looking drab and gray, colorful cashmere is a cozy counterpoint.

If you’ve ever felt underdressed or like you didn’t look as professional as your peers, worry no more. With these key accessories, and the confidence to don them with flare, you’ll always look your best.

Author: Anna Johansson

photo Jim Wright/Cigar Aficionado

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