Published On: Sat, Dec 24th, 2011

A low blow from ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough

I generally agree with and believe former Florida Representative and Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough is a fair guy as far as his political analysis and carries with him a reasonably conservative record while in the House.

However, a statement he made on the Thursday morning (12-22-11) episode of the morning talking head show just didn’t ring true with me.

As expected, as the beginning of the show highlighted, with being the on top of the polls comes a harsher scrutiny of the candidate and Ron Paul is no exception.

Public domain photo/ Marylandstater via wikimedia commons

Public domain photo/ Marylandstater via wikimedia commons

Trashing and distorting his foreign policy views is commonplace and the Wall Street Journal is right on top of that. The old “skeletons” of the authorship of these newsletters (which I personally never read) have crept out of the abyss since Paul has surged in the Iowa polls. Again, no big surprises.

During that segment of the show, Scarborough made the following statement, ironically directed at Al Sharpton that people that attend a Ron Paul event, “will go away from an event saying there is always a strain of anti-Semitism there”. See video starting at approximately the 8:25 mark.

Really Joe? Are you serious?

As someone who has attended Ron Paul rallies and speeches and has watched hours and hours of video of Ron Paul speeches and interviews, it behooves me where this unsubstantiated cheap shot comes from.

I have never felt that strain of anti-Semitism while attending a Ron Paul event, or for that matter, ever heard the man mouth anything remotely racist or anti-Semitic in all the years I have followed him.

Is this what Joe Scarborough has experienced himself? Or is he unnecessarily stirring up the pot? To discuss this issue with Al Sharpton, well, I don’t need to elaborate on that.

Just because Rep. Paul doesn’t believe that US tax dollars should go to Israel, or any other country for that matter, especially Israel’s enemies, in the name of foreign aid does not make him an anti-Semite. In addition, saying that Israel should be the only one to decide their national defense is also not anti-Semitic in any manner.

As a born-again believer and a lover of liberty and freedom, if I ever heard any public figure including Dr. Paul utter any such nonsense, I would definitely pull my support.

Just one comment concerning the newsletters that have made so much news in the past several days. As I previously stated, I never read them and don’t know and probably never will know the story behind them. However, any reasonable person would believe that if a man or woman is racist, that tendency would reveal itself in the hundreds of interviews and thousands of speeches one has done in the past two decades and it just hasn’t.

Video removed, clip no longer working – BBJ, The Dispatch

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