Published On: Tue, Feb 20th, 2018

A Guide to Team Building Activities for Every Business

Team building is a vital piece to the puzzle of business culture. In order to establish a positive, team-effort culture, the team needs to familiarize themselves with one another on a social level. The best way to do this is by getting everyone to work together on a fun project, where each member is called to use their strengths and skills to take the team to victory. However, this is only one way of reinforcing the positive culture. There are many different ways that companies can achieve this – and we’re going to let you in on what they are.

And if you don’t believe in team-building activities, it may be good to know that studies show there are great advantageous to investing in team-building. It is said to boost engagement, improve communication skills and improves creativity.

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Get People Mingling

No-one will get to know each other and form relationships, unless they are put into situations that force them to chat and share stories. In order to achieve this, your business needs to get the team mingling with one another. Perhaps a great way is through organizing a company lunch – where people are forced to chat over a good meal or organizing a social event that brings everyone together. There’s never a good time to chat about non-work-related subjects while in the office – and it’s highly important that the teams get this opportunity. These people spend time with each other every day, it’s important that they know one another well. It builds relationships and forms bonds; which is said to be a factor in staff retention.

Organize a fun Activity

Organize a fun activity where everyone can get involved and have a good time. Positive vibes are created when people are laughing and having a good time together. Fun activities could include paintballing, taking part in an obstacle course, or a sport (that is suitable for both males and females). The aim is to forget the office-life for a bit and connect on a social level. Activities such as these reinforce teamwork and support, as well as emphasize people’s strengths.

Take the Team out of their Comfort Zone

Comfort zones are no fun – everyone needs to be yanked out of them every now and then. Do something that completely shakes up the usual office culture; something unusual. For example, a zipline adventure, water-skiing or paragliding. Activities such as these are pretty unusual, and most people wouldn’t sign up for them out of their own doing. That’s why it’s safe to say that this can be seen not only as a team-building activity, but a reward too.  

Organize a Weekly Social

If you’re not in the position, as a business, to spend a lot of money on team-building activities, there’s cost-effective ways to get the team together. For example, set up a weekly team-building activity; perhaps a hike every Saturday morning for those who are eager to join. Hiking together is a great way for everyone to mingle outside of the office environment and also get some exercise; which is beneficial to the well being of employees. Having a planned activity once a week creates a culture in itself as it gets the team looking forward to something fun and exciting.

Give Back to the Community

One of the greatest ways to do your part as a company, as well as introduce team-building, is by organizing a day where everyone goes out together to a children’s home/old age home or charity of any sort, to give back and make a difference. This is a fantastic way to reinforce a culture of giving, doing the right thing and helping those less fortunate. This will certainly create a positive energy within the office and will establish all that the company stands for. While giving of your time, you could advertise your company by getting  branded t-shirts made– as this creates unity as well as gets your brand seen and noticed.

Start a Drive for the Less Fortunate

If it’s a fairly big company, with many employees and divisions – and you feel it would be difficult to transport everyone to a home or community, start a drive within the office, where everyone has to work together to donate to a great cause. Perhaps each division in the company can choose their own charity and work towards a common goal that would see the upliftment of that cause.

Author: Hayden Myers

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