Published On: Thu, Sep 3rd, 2020

A Guide to Ensuring an Active Social Life as You Age

Developing hearing difficulties and struggling with memory loss can result in many seniors withdrawing from friends and family, and drastically reducing the number of social engagements in which they partake each week. 

The reality is that regular socialization is critical to maintaining your health and wellbeing as you age, and it is important to keep it up despite the hurdles that may present themselves along the way. With this in mind, here is a guide to ensuring an active and enjoyable social life as you get older. 

Consider moving to a senior living community 

It is so much easier to maintain independent living when you make the decision to move to a senior living community. Why? A significant portion of your daily chores and home maintenance duties will be taken care of on your behalf. Another reason why these communities have become so popular in recent years is that they maximize an older adult’s opportunities to be more social. From daily walking groups and meditation classes to book clubs and prayer groups, there is a chance to connect with other like-minded individuals and build new relationships on a daily basis. 

Seek help for your ailments 

If you are having an extremely tough time holding a conversation because your hearing is no longer up to scratch, look into getting a hearing aid. If you are having trouble remembering small details, go and see a doctor for advice. Do not allow mental or physical ailments to get in the way of meeting new people and interacting with your already-existing friends. If they make you feel embarrassed, try to address the issue with a bit of humor. You will often be surprised to discover how many others are struggling with similar problems.


If you don’t feel comfortable about joining a senior living community or a group, you can continue to be social by volunteering. Find a charity or a cause that is close to your heart and give of your time and knowledge as generously as you can. You are likely to meet other individuals who care about the same topics as you, all the while you are making a positive difference in your city or town or further. 

Keep up with loved ones from afar 

For many seniors, it is a reality that their close friends or family members do not live in the same neighborhood, or even in the same country, as them. Do your best to make an effort to continue communicating with these individuals even from afar if this is the case for you. Thanks to advancements in technology, it is simple to stay in touch with loved ones. If you have yet to learn how to use this technology, now is the perfect time to do so! 

The bottom line is that being more social won’t only enrich your life – it will also reduce your risk of depression, improve your self-esteem, and help to keep stress to a minimum. 

Author: Carol Trehearn

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  1. […] A Guide to Ensuring an Active Social Life as You Age […]

  2. […] A Guide to Ensuring an Active Social Life as You Age […]

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