Published On: Tue, May 21st, 2019

A Guide on How to Obtain a Driving License

Securing an Ontario G1 driving license is the initial stage in the graduated licensing program of Ontario. The G1 license is followed by the “G2 license”. On successful completion of G2 license, the full G license is received. From beginning to end, the entire process takes around twenty months to accomplish. For this whole procedure, a candidate gets 5 full years for the completion of it.

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Qualifications to get an Ontario G1 license

In order to apply for a “G1 license”, it is important for you to be at least sixteen years old. One of the pre-requisites for this exam is to successfully pass an eye test. It is also mandatory for a candidate to clear a written driving test that assesses the knowledge on traffic signs and road rules at driving test site. Once the requirements are properly met, it becomes quite easier to obtain a G1 license.

G1 license restrictions

As a new driver, you need to understand the restrictions and requirements on their G1 license. It is very important to know that this license is very much restrictive in nature. This implies that it poses a lot of limitations on the driver. If the driver fails to follow any of these rules, then he can even be faced with a suspension of license.

As per the legal rules, a driver can also be entitled to pay the associated fine for violating the rules. In addition to license suspension and penalty charges, a driver can also face auto insurance ramifications. This will happen to those drivers who have obtained G2 and complete G license.

Organizations that offer automobile insurance operating in Ontario will consider G1 driving record of a driver, which includes accidents, traffic tickets, and suspensions, at the time of computing the rates for other auto insurance policies in the future.

Conditions applicable for G1 License drivers

Along with the road rules, a G1 driver has to follow the below mentioned conditions too.


  • A driver pursuing this license is permitted to drive only when he has a “0” level of alcohol in the blood. There is no exception to this condition.
  • A person owning this license can only drive when the person sitting on the passenger seat is also G-licensed driver. The passenger should also have at least 4 years of experience in order to be qualified to sit in the “passenger seat”.
  • A G1 licensed driver sitting in the passenger seat should have the level of alcohol in the blood below 0.05% if they are 21 or less than 21 years old.
  • It is important for all passengers to wear operational seatbelt. Also, the number of passengers carried by the vehicle should not exceed the number of seatbelts available.
  • A driver is not permitted to drive between midnight hours and 5:00 a.m.



To secure an Ontario G1 driving license, it is important to get detailed information about the test. If you are well aware of information related to pre-requisites, test procedures, stages and structure, only then the chances of achieving success in the exam increases.

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