Published On: Mon, Jul 17th, 2017

A good law firm can exclude the trauma from a divorce

Divorces are a delicate time for family members and the children. Most children who are old enough to understand the concept of separation feel traumatized. The court should uphold the best decisions of all parties in the event of a divorce case. To make sure everything goes well for your child, you should choose an attorney who can bridge the gap in communication between you, the jury and the judge.

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Embrace parenting plans, forget child custody battles

Child custody is a dated concept. Embrace the concept of parenting plans. This usually includes processes to resolve disputes between parents. They can include critical and unbiased third parties including a mediator or a counselor.  

If the parents cannot find a common ground of agreement, they can take their dispute to arbitration. This is, however, the final stage of a dispute where both parties will present their argument, and a third party (neutral) will decide the matter.

As per Washington state laws, while fighting for child custody, parents cannot take a contentious matter to court unless they consider an alternative solution. Arbitration is very important for all Washington state divorce cases. It is indispensable for every parent.

What determines the legal custody of a child?

Legal custody of a minor is a sensitive issue. Washington state court usually decides in the best interest of the child. Some factors can contribute to determination of custody –

  1. The parent’s mental health
  2. Child’s current quality of life
  3. Child’s wishes, in case they are old enough to express them
  4. Any previous instances of neglect or abuse

States rules may differ. In reality, the court takes the best interests of the child into account while making a decision. It is possible for you to challenge the court’s decision too.

How to challenge the decision of the court?

If you are thinking of challenging a custody decision of the court, you will need the help of a lawyer. According to experienced lawyers from Scott and Smith Law Oak Harbor, you need to follow these steps to challenge a decision –

  1. You need to file appropriate forms and allied paperwork with the court. This involves a filing fee.
  2. You need to serve the current custodial parents with exact copies of your current request.
  3. You should provide the concerned court with sufficient proof of serving these copies.
  4. You need to be present during the hearing. The judge will review your appeal in front of both parties concerned. The judge can make an immediate decision or may take more time to gather more information.

The judge’s decision is not infallible. To make sure, all documents reach the court and information is accessible to the judge, you need the help of a law firm who have sufficient experience in this field.

A child advocate attorney can conduct personal investigations in the interest of the child, participate in all hearings and request hearings too. He should receive all the court documents and obtain relevant records for the child and the parents.

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