Published On: Wed, Sep 6th, 2017

A Few Things You May Not Know About E-Cigs And Vaping

The recently increased interest in e-cigarettes and vaping has created a thick cloud of confusion among many uninformed individuals.  Ignorance is not always bliss in every situation, so take a moment to learn a few things about vaping.  

Maybe you are considering quitting smoking cigarettes, or you are worried that your friend’s vape cloud could be harmful to your children.  Whatever the situation, it is better to understand the ins and outs of e-cigs and vaping than to experience fear or anxiety when they are present.  

Two brands of e-cigs with the corresponding spare battery.
Equazcion at the wikipedia project

There are different types of “e-cigs”

When most people picture an e-cigarette, they envision the traditionally designed products that look very much like a regular cigarette.  The e-cigs you buy at the gas station are small and work on disposable juice cartridges.  The cartridges come pre-filled, and the main producers (Vuze and Blu) do not offer a very wide array of flavor choices.  

When you go to an actual vape shop, you will see many devices that look much different than the simple e-cigs at the gas station.  The more complex vaping devices are commonly referred to (in the vaping world) as Advanced Personal Vaporizers (or APVs) or Vape Pens.  

Vape mods are more complex than vape pens, and offer more variables.  There are hundreds of flavor options for vape pens and mods, and most vape shops brew their own mixtures onsite.  

The ingredients of vape juice are not complex

Unlike traditional cigarettes, which are composed of thousands of different chemicals and added ingredients, vape juice only consists of four main ingredients.  Only one of those ingredients (that we know of so far) is harmful to the health of the person vaping.  

The liquid contains vegetable glycerin, which serves as the main base of the juice mixture.  Vegetable glycerin is typically organic and has a main purpose of producing vapor.  

Propylene glycol is the second ingredient present in vape juice mixtures.  The PG is the component used to carry the flavoring of the final product.  The flavoring itself is an ingredient, but all vape juice mixers mix with food grade flavoring.  

The myth that propylene glycol is the main ingredient of antifreeze should be dispelled, as diethylene glycol is the true main ingredient of antifreeze.  PG is the main ingredient in albuterol inhalers, and it is perfectly safe to be inhaled.  

The fourth, and most obvious ingredient is nicotine.  Pharmaceutical-grade nicotine is the only harmful ingredient in e-cig vape juices.  

Vaping DOES help people quit smoking

Let the evidence speak for itself, in this case.  One study shows that over 80 percent of people who turn to vaping to quit smoking are successful more than one year after their first puff.  

Author: Anna Johansson

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