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A Brief Guide for How to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

If you got injured in your workplace, then you are liable to work injury benefits. However, you shouldn’t expect to file a claim and get what you deserve. Most of the times, employees take the matter to court to get compensated for their troubles. Therefore, it’s imperative you find a reliable workers compensation attorney.

The issue is, most people don’t know where to find one or how to look for one until they get injured. With that said, we are giving you a few tips that will help you understand where to look and finding the right lawyer will fight for you assuring your victory.

Following, we are giving you a brief guide for how to hire a lawyer and what qualities you should look for in one!

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Ask Around Your Circle

The issue with compensation layers is no invest any effort in advertising. These lawyers depend on word of mouth and referrals from previous clients. If you want to find a reliable layer, you may go to the State and local bar associations; they might offer you some referrals.

Legal aid offices can also offer referrals. There are high chances of getting quality counsel through a referral as compared to an ad. Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to ask around your circle.

Be Careful

The Internet can be a helpful resource, but you need to be careful. Most injured workers find a comp layer online. In case you have found a compensation lawyer, you better find more information before hiring him.

Go through their website and see if they can handle your specific case or not. See whether the website has articles about worker compensation laws or not. Keep an eye for testimonials from previous clients; it will show whether the lawyer or firm has a successful track record of handling cases such as yours or not.

With that being said, you shouldn’t judge a layer based only on their website. The website is only a useful indicator; it’s not a deal maker/breaker.  The website is an excellent source to learn about the lawyer’s experience, level of professionalism, and knowledge.

First Consultation

You should treat the first consultation as an interview for the lawyer. Almost every compensation lawyer off free initial consultation. The lawyer will ask you important questions about the claim. So, you should be afraid to ask them a few questions about their work experience and how they plan to handle your claim.

Treat the initial consultation as a proper job interview. Ask the lawyer following questions to see whether they can handle your case or not!

  • For how many years have you been representing compensation claims?
  • How much of your practice is dedicated to worker’s compensation?
  • Will you be able to represent me throughout every aspect of the worker compensation process, including administrative hearings, appears and in court?
  • Can you offer me some references from previous clients or colleagues from the legal community?
  • Are you going to work on my case yourself or you will appoint a legal assistant to handle it?
  • If I had an inquiry and I called your office, will I speak with you or your assistant?
  • Do you represent employers and insurance companies in such cases or just workers?
  • How will you evaluate my case, what do you think are the weak and strong points of my case?
  • Will you arrange for me to receive a consultative medical examination with the right specialist? If yes, then under what circumstances?
  • Will you charge me for litigation expenses? If yes, then what will be covered in these expenses, and do I still have to pay if I lose the case?
  • Will you be able to explain how a worker compensation claim proceeds, and how does your fee structure work?

Finding an Attorney Who will Stick with You

When you are looking for a worker’s compensation attorney, you need to find someone who makes you confident while treating you with respect. The first consultation very helpful as it lets you evaluate the lawyer’s level of professionalism and how they deal with clients.

The ideal lawyer will answer your queries patiently and in a satisfactory manner. If you find someone who inspires you with confidence, you better prioritize him over others.

You better mind their attitude and behavior. This is not only applicable to the layer himself; you need to mind their administrative assistance, legal assistance along with paralegals. It’s important because you will interact with them regularly.

If you find they don’t treat clients properly or in an unethical way, you better take your business to someone else.  As your case makes the process, your lawyer should provide you with periodic updates about the status of your claim. If you don’t hear from your attorney often, you should find a new lawyer who will pay attention to your case.

But before you decide to do that, you better consider the consequences of switching lawyers in-between case.

Qualities That Make an Ideal Compensation Attorney

It’s unfortunate that injured workers hardly recover their compensation benefits. A common reason for that is most workers file their claim without a worker’s compensation attorney.  The thing is, an experienced attorney from a reputed law firm will fight or your rights and defend you while making sure your claim is processed properly.

Without a lawyer, there are next to no chances of your claim being processed. Now, not every lawyer will be able to represent your case. So, you need to mind a few things when looking for a lawyer. If this is your first time hiring a comp lawyer, and you have no idea of what to look for, mind the following:


The years of experience a lawyer has in practice is as important as his education. So, find a lawyer with sufficient experience in fighting for injury claims. The lawyer must have significant knowledge to understand your needs and fight on your behalf to get the compensation you need.  


Before you hire someone, see if they have requisite licensing to represents you in the state. The lawyer has to be licensed and allowed to practice in your state. The lawyer should be focused and regularly practice in your specific area.

If you don’t know where to start looking, you better ask people in your circle; it’s a good start. You better find someone who understands the complex nature of worker compensation laws.

Consult with the lawyer first and see whether you can develop a healthy lawyer-client relationship or not. The lawyer should be able to explain your legal rights and verify if there is a contingency fee If you win the case.

Thanks to the complex nature of compensation law, there are a few differences in statutes and proceeding from one state to another. Even the slightest mistake can cost your claim. So, you better choose an expert who has a deep understanding of worker compensation laws and benefits.


Compensation claims demand time and effort. So, you better find a lawyer who will happily dedicate hours to discuss your accident along with preexisting conditions and permanent injuries if there are any.

Fighting for these claims is quite challenging. Unfortunately, most of the claims get lost in the system. However, a dedicated attorney who wants to see their client success will go to their last extent to assure you get what you deserve.


The only thing an injured employee wants is answers. A reasonable attorney will be ready to answers your inquiries and will anticipate your future probes so you can make preparations for every speed bump that might interfere with your claim. You need to have an idea of what sort of service you should expect from your lawyer before you hire them.

The first consultation with workers compensation attorney is an excellent opportunity to evaluate their lawyer’s skill and professionalism. Before you do that, you better get a free medical examination. Apart from that, you better gather information related to the nature of worker compensation insurance you are entitled to.

Success Rate

You want a lawyer who knows his way around the law and makes you confident that he can win your case. Therefore, before you hire an attorney, you better review their success rate for work injury compensation claims. A lawyer with a high success rate will be able to get you the compensation benefits you see. You need to look for a lawyer with a proven track record of winning compensation settlements.

Strategy and Accessibility

Compensation cases need an aggressive approach, and there are situations where you can’t avoid litigations. So, make sure your layer isn’t afraid of bringing your case to trial if needed. They should do whatever necessary to get the compensation you deserve.

The strategy plays an important role, but what’s more important is are you able to access your lawyer whenever needed or not. Yes, it is your lawyer easy to reach by phone or not. You have to work closely with your lawyer to assure your victory. So, this is something you cannot overlook

Author: Michael Wright

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