Published On: Mon, Dec 19th, 2016

‘A Billion Lives’ Review

You would have to have been living in a cave for the best part of ten years if you were ignorant of e-cigarettes and the controversy that has stemmed from their stratospheric increase in popularity.

On one hand, experts including Public Health England are viewing vape devices as a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco products, which is exactly the camp filmmaker Adam Biebert falls in to. The other side of the argument does not have such a favourable opinion, and Biebert has been on a mission to dispel some of the most popular and harmful myths about the industry that have been perpetuated by the media, government and corporate worldwide.

On his reasons behind producing the film, Biebert has said cited his role as a filmmaker and the responsibility to uphold the truth as one of his key motivations, “As filmmakers, it’s our job to tell stories that need telling, give voices to the voiceless, and make our world a better place. It’s not every day that filmmakers get to tell a story that can change the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. With A Billion Lives, we have that chance and we’re not going to waste it.”

photo/ public domain pictures via pixabay

Just in case you missed it in the film, cigarette related deaths are set to claim a billion lives this century, something Biebert believes we can reduce by supporting vaping as an alternative. The impact of this is hard to argue when watching very poignant interviewees whose lives have been marked permanently and tragically by tobacco.

A Billion Lives is a theoretical exploration of vaping conspiracy that certainly doesn’t beat around the bush. Biebert is passionate about spreading the truth, especially in the wake of some of the restrictive legislations that has been put into practice both in the UK and elsewhere. He lays the blame of anti-vaping legislation at the door of Big Tobacco, the government and the pharmaceutical industry- basically anybody who stands to gain financially from bashing the e-cigarette industry.

These are some strong claims in anyone’s book, but you must admire Biebert’s boldness to take a swipe at such powerful and influential sectors.

Great food for thought for both the avid vaper and even the e-cigarette sceptic, A Billion Lives is certainly worth a watch if you’re interested in following the Great Vape Debate.

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Author: Carol Trehearn

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