Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2018

9 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance

Finding the right insurance policy for your car is vital. Insurance forms a significant part of your financial decision making, like buying a high quality car cover, and in order to find the best possible insurance plan, you will need to do some legwork and some research.

Here are some tips and points on finding a suitable insurance plan for your car:

Choose the Right Job Title

In a recent survey that was conducted by an agency, it was found that music teachers on an average pay more than normal teachers. Your insurance quote varies based on your requirement as well as your job title. So make sure that you are filling the form correctly and enter the right job title.

SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is for those who do not yet have insurance but were caught driving their car all the same. Sometimes it may also happen that you are involved in an accident right after your policy expires. If you are a drug or alcohol addict and have DUIs on your record, you will probably need a different kind of car insurance. The court will likely mandate that you get an SR22 insurance policy. Getting SR22 insurance cheap is not easy, but some companies make it possible to get a fair quote.

Compare First, Shop Later

This is perhaps one of the oldest pieces of advice in the book, but a lot of people buy insurance without prior comparison. Comparing your insurance quotes is a fantastic idea whether you are buying new insurance coverage or renewing your old one. An important point to be kept in mind when comparing insurance quotes is that you should look at quotes that offer similar features and facilities.

Some quotes sound a lot cheaper, but may not cover the same points or offer same benefits.

Add Experienced Drivers Only

Some buyers add everyone in their family on the policy, which is a bad idea. Add only one or two people on the policy and make sure that they are the most experienced drivers on the document. If possible, avoid anyone who is young or has a bad driving record.

Increase Voluntary Excess

Voluntary excess means that you agree to pay more in case of an accident, and this will ultimately affect your premiums. When you agree to pay more for damages, your premium comes down allowing you to accumulate cheaper insurance quotes. In case of an accident where you are not at fault, you can still recover the amount paid. Note that the voluntary excess should be taken after considering the value of your car.


Many people tend to act shy when it comes to bargaining. The insurance sector is extremely competitive and known for its high level of commissions. What this means is that there is a good chance that if you bargain hard, you will end up obtaining better premium rates.

photo supplied, courtesy of guest blogging network

photo supplied, courtesy of guest blogging network

DUI Insurance Coverage

Some people are of the opinion that purchasing DUI insurance coverage is a smart move. However, a DUI (driving under the influence) coverage can increase your insurance premium by $4,000 annually. This is a rough estimate, but you can rest assured that you are going to spend significantly more than what you ought to pay. Every insurance company covers DUIs differently and so it becomes difficult to compare them objectively.

One of the disadvantages of getting a DUI is that if you are getting any safe driver benefits, you are going to lose it the moment you renew your insurance next year. There have been many instances where the insurance company dropped the policy holder at the time of renewal. This can be a problematic situation to handle.

A DUI infraction can also earn you the label of a “high risk” asset, in which case your file will be moved to the appropriate department. Not only this, DUI insurance rates are usually more than double, and in some cases triple the normal rates.

Cars that Attract Higher Rates

In case you are thinking about changing your car, you might rethink getting that Subaru. Some cars attract higher rates of insurance premium due to their nature. A common example is sports cars. They have a higher risk of getting involved in an accident, and hence their rates are usually on the higher side. But if you still want to buy one, go for a slightly less powerful engine and, depending on the bracket your car falls into, you will pay relatively less premium.

Black Box Policies

Black box, a term taken from the airplane technology, is a box that is installed in your car to monitor your driving habits and pattern. Based on the information collected on your driving behavior, insurance companies may reward you with cash back or reduce the premium amount.

This means that you are driving your car carefully, inside speed limits, with no sudden breaks or quick turns. Installing a black box can be very rewarding in the long run, and it is also a marvelous motivator to drive safely.

Author: Ravi Kumarr Gupta

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