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9 Ways Content Marketing can make you invincible

There was a time when paid advertising was considered extremely effective for customer acquisition. But over the years this mode of promotion has lost its charm as many people started using ad blockers on their devices. The best solution to this ad blocker era was content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a broader spectrum of marketing as it has given birth to other forms of promotion like Social Media and SEO.  It is because of content that an SEO must index and add keywords to optimize their ranking in search engines. Also, emails, tweets, and product description are all forms of content marketing. So in simple words, it can be said that content is everything which conveys a message to the audience.

Companies can utilize content to achieve their marketing goals, increase brand awareness, attract potential customers and retain existing ones. In this article, we are going to discuss ways in which Content Marketing can benefit your business, like conversion rate optimization.

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Benefits of Content Marketing

Many companies find it hard to make an investment in Content Marketing as they are not aware of the full benefits it has to offer, utilizing the functionality enterprise-grade.

Content Marketing aims to build trust and respect in the eyes of the customer. Though this process is slow the results are long-term. So here’s a look at all the benefits your business will gain:

Returns are greater than investment

You can carry out content marketing through outsourced services or by hiring your own content strategist. It stills less costly than other forms of marketing. In addition, to fewer costs, content marketing generates 3 times more leads than other tools of promotion. All these generated leads arise from the total traffic of the website and also contribute to brand awareness, meeting prospective customers and increasing the social media presence of the brand.

If a venture wishes to make a small investment in content marketing they can start off with email marketing, social media, in-person events, webinars, e-books, and podcasts. Once they see results the brand can use a mix of content marketing strategies which suits them best.

Helps to build a trustworthy relationship with customers

How can you get a one time customer to stay with you in the future? Well, the answer is through lead nurturing.

The focus here is to build a rapport with your customer and listen to their needs and expectations. An article of Marketo indicates that brands which nurture leads tend to spend only two third of their actual marketing costs and are able to generate an estimate of 50% more leads through their campaigns.

Though the process of lead nurturing is time-consuming the results are great. Converted leads once associated will spend more money on purchases in comparison to recent ones.

How can we nurture leads?

Content plays a great role in nurturing leads. Customers want information to help them make smart purchase decisions. So if you write content that focuses on the product and highlights its features you will establish trust in the eyes of the customer. This is because content marketing gives them the freedom to choose the best brand with great reviews.

Automatic Sales

Investing in campaigns solely driven towards promotion does not have a high success rate. There is a chance your business will get only half the total responses you expected. Also, it will be a great disappointment and wastage of money and time.

So, try to focus your efforts on Digital marketing especially content which will help to connect with potential customers. In fact, once a potential customer gets assured about your services they will approach you directly. Having a conversation and discussing all requirements and expectations will give you a clear picture of what to deliver. In some cases, it might turn fruitful whilst in some, it won’t.

Overall the content you post will help in automatic sales where a customer is forced to instantly buy your product or they may purchase it when they actually require it.

Increases organic search rankings

So you create good content but what use is it when no one reads it.  If you are a small venture you must think about how you will compete against big brands present in the market.

Content frequency will help you out here, as publishing new and engaging is the key to garnering leads. At first posting more content might sound intimidating but its all about focus and creating the right content.

Develop a Content timetable in which you will schedule and maintain all content postings. It’s best to choose a frequency which can be daily, multiple times a week, weekly, multiple times a month or monthly.  Also, create content which educates the customer like product comparison reports, product user guides or product engagement stories. This content will help to promote your brand/ product to the audience through organic as well as paid social platforms.

In the end, your listings will also increase and you’ll start observing more traffic to your website.

It increases brand awareness

For example, You run an Asian themed restaurant and you wrote a highly informative article on ”The heritage and art of making dumplings” which ranked 1st on google.

More than 50,000 people search for the same phrase on Google every month and this will make your brand visible amongst 580,000 potential customers every year.

Not only this, there will be people who search for only “dumplings” or other similar phrases making the number of searches close to a million each year. A highly visible brand remains in the mind of the consumer and content marketing is the tool which helps to establish a positive image.

Usage of brand-oriented language in blogs and articles helps consumers to relate to the brand’s characteristics and make a purchase decision they won’t regret.

Enhances the credibility of the brand

Now that the article is reaching more than a million potential viewers each year, there is no surety that all of them will click and view your content.  Only a certain percentage of those potential viewers will click and view your content.

Lets say that number is 250,000 then you will have that number of people who have viewed your website and know about your brand. It is up to you to portray your brand/ product as a thought leader and influencer. This can be done by writing further content which is brand oriented and helps people make the right purchase choice.

These viewers might become your loyal customers and they can then further recommend your brand to other potential customers.

You’ll have a huge family of brand advocates

By posting content which educates the customer like product comparison reports, product user guides or customer engagement stories. You are informing and helping customers make purchase decisions regarding your brand.

If a customer has continuous positive experiences it automatically builds trust which in turn converts to brand loyalty. The satisfied customers will share their experience and also talk about their purchases either through word-of-mouth or by sharing posts on social media platforms.

Save up on costs

Don’t expect everything you write will spread across the internet. But the ones that do can help you save a lot in advertising as the lead generation will be more than double.  Also, if viewers like a post they will share it on social media platforms or do reposting of the blog itself which reaches millions of other users.

If a similar attempt was made through traditional marketing channels the could of advertising would be much more which most businesses cannot afford.

More traffic to your website

Posting blogs and content on your website is a great way to improve website traffic. But another way is to share blog posts and articles outside your business website.

Blog/article hosting can take place by partnering with other brands or other bloggers/social media influencers who use your product. These outside hostings may contain links to relevant pages of your website and the reader gets intrigued to know more.

When sharing content on your own website try to include ebooks, presentations or user manuals. This would invoke interest in the viewers and they would want to learn more about your product and ultimately use it as well.

Wrapping it up

We hope reading this article will get you excited about content marketing. It’s a great marketing strategy which can make you invincible in the competitor market. But before you get started, ask yourself these questions:


  • Do I have the time to learn and start content marketing on my own?
  • Should I take a DIY approach?
  • Should I hire or partner with a firm /person that does on a regular basis?
  • How much am I willing to invest?

After taking these into account you’ll able to curate a content strategy which works to our benefit.

Author: Michelle Turner

The importance of user experience and ways to improve it for better SEO performance


The importance of user experience and ways to improve it for better SEO performance

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