Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

9 Tips That Will Help You Select the Best Custom Software Development Services Seattle for Your Business

Software off the rack may be fine for some applications, but your business is in need of a customized package that will accomplish a core group of specific tasks. That’s why you’re in the market for discussions with one of the custom software development services Seattle. Since this is a project that will impact the business for a long time, you want to choose the developer wisely. These tips will help you get where you want to go.

Use Your Contacts in the Business Community

Before you can select any service, it helps to create a list of likely prospects. This is where the contacts you have in the business community will help. Ask other business owners for recommendations. At this juncture, there’s no need to limit who you ask based on what their business does. The goal is to find the names of software development services that are either physically located in the area or who have done business with other companies in your city or town. 

Remember that your queries don’t have to be limited to phone calls or chatting with other owners at chamber of commerce meetings. You can also use your social media contacts to solicit suggestions. You never know when one of your clients who follows you online might know someone that would do a great job. 

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Qualify Those Suggestions Based on Experience With Your Industry

With a basic list compiled, it’s time to start qualifying the IT support services Seattle and see who has experience with developing software related to your industry. This is important even though you want to end up with something that’s unique to your operation. A developer who understands the nature of your business, up to and including some of the terminology, is likely to grasp what you need from the software more readily. That will save quite a bit of time and effort once it gets to the negotiation stage. 

Evaluate the Scope of the Service’s Experience With Your Industry

After identifying several developers who have experience with your industry, drill things down a little more. It’s at this stage that you want to find out more about the scope of that experience. While you don’t expect any company representative to name names at this point, it does help to know if the packages developed for others included at least some of the features that you have in mind. The ones who have created integrated software that would handle most or all of the functions that you have in mind will go to the top of the list. 

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Discuss Matters Like Coding and the Foundation for Your Custom Software

There are several key things that you want to know about the coding. For example, is it possible to come up with custom software that does not require a huge amount of resources to operate properly? What are the odds of creating something that can run with as close to 100% efficiency as possible? What program will be used to write the basic code? How about the type of compiler that will be used edit and format the code so that your system can easily read it? 

You also want to determine what options are available as foundations for the code. Do you have an option between technologies like UNIX or Windows? Which one does the developer recommend and why? The answers to these and other questions will tell you how easy it is to communicate with the developer as well as help you understand the process a little better. 

Leave No Room For Doubt About Application Ownership

You may think that because your company is paying for the custom software development that it’s automatically your proprietary property. In many instances, that’s true. What you may not realize is that’s not something that just happens. You must specifically address this with the IT solutions provider Seattle.

The last thing you need is to leave this aspect of the project somewhat vague. Look into the laws that govern this type of arrangement in your state and include provisions in the contract accordingly. Doing so will eliminate the chance, however remote it may be, that your custom software ends up being the basics for of a platform created for a competitor. 

Obtain References and Follow Up With Them

If everything has gone smoothly up to this point, do ask for a few references. Most developers have past customers who have agreed to speak with potential clients. All that’s needed is for the developer to provide the references and then notify those clients that you will be in touch. 

When you talk with the references, try to avoid asking questions that require nothing more than a yes or no response. The goal is to dig deeper and find out what those past customers think about the way the developer does business, how well they communicate during the project, and how happy the client is with the finished product. 

Check Out Online Ratings and Comments Too

Don’t limit your research to the references provided by the developer. Check for online ratings and comments as well. Look beyond the ratings and read all of the comments. You want to find out what’s behind those ratings. Was it the fact that the client found it very easy to work with the developer? Perhaps the developer made some suggestions that allowed the application to exceed the client’s expectations. Maybe it was the quick turnaround on the project. All of those types of things constitute valuable information that you need to know. 

Determine What Sort of After-Development Support is Available

Most of your focus is rightly on the development proper. That’s why the after-support may not be on your mind right now. That needs to change. 

It’s important to spell out what sort of support to expect after the delivery. The right IT support company Seattle will include commitments related to general support, future customization, backups, and other key elements. Anything pertaining to the after-support should be spelled out in the terms and conditions of the development contract. 

Look Over the Quote Carefully Before Agreeing to Anything

Both the quote and the contract must be evaluated carefully before you sign anything. If it was discussed and agreed to during the negotiations, it should be in the contract as well as reflected in the quote breakdown. Doing so is to the benefit of both parties, since it eliminates misunderstandings about what is and is not included in the project. 

Assuming that you like what you hear and the contents of the contract and quote are in line with what was discussed, the search for the right developer is over. You can sign the contract and look forward to receiving a custom software application that will do everything that you need it to do. 

Author: Nikitha Kanumuri

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  2. […] 9 Tips That Will Help You Select the Best Custom Software Development Services Seattle for Your Busi… […]

  3. […] 9 Tips That Will Help You Select the Best Custom Software Development Services Seattle for Your Busi… […]

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