Published On: Thu, Feb 20th, 2020

9 Mind-Blowing Effective Outdoor Advertising Trends to Achieve Prominence in 2020

As we walk into 2020, our way and means of outdoor advertising are entirely changing. Earlier, we used to rely on data trends and statistics to carve the picture-perfect market campaign and execute them flawlessly. Moving forward, space is transitioning as consumption and behavior patterns are transforming. Consumers are becoming susceptible to traditional media, and the proliferation of technology is unfolding better ways to engage, interact, and rivet the audience into taking defined actions. According to light box sign makers, the trend is just a beginning of a new era in the OOH advertising world that is bound to the constant change in terms of ad spending, advertising techniques, and the way how people react to it. However, no matter what comes in the way, brands or advertisers definitely would find a way out to pull off the result they wanted.

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What is the Outdoor Advertising Trends Statistic for 2020?

According to the OOH ad expenditure study, OOH media continue to a spree that is manifested by ad spending growth. The ad spending in 2020 grew by almost 0.5 billion dollars from the previous 39.9 dollars to 41.15 dollars. And, the trends are not expected to get slower and is speculated to reach $42 billion till 2021. With such massive growth, small and medium businesses cannot afford to take this medium lightly. Keeping a 360-degree approach and using all the marketing media in the portfolio is the surefire way to gain maximum visibility and growth.

What are the Growing trends in Outdoor Advertising to Gain More Visibility and Exposure?

The advent of technology is a game-changer for marketers, offering them incredible and diverse choices to get more out of their advertising budget and, in turn, significant and measurable results. However, these results are entirely dependent on the roadmap acquired by them and decisions aligned with their marketing goals. But, changing aspects of OOH media always keep them on their toes. So, they have to make sure they keep in the loop with the latest technological trends. Here is 2020 Outdoor Advertising for them to look out for:


  • Smart Advertisements


Growing is all about getting smart and smarter. In the context of OOH advertising, it is crucial to focus on smart advertisement modes. These modes are consistently outperforming traditional static advertisements. 2020 will witness a paradigm shift in the way marketers approach the audience. More interactive formats such as Digital Billboards, Interactive Smart Displays, facial recognition, and the light box should be on the top priority list to enhance the effectiveness of future marketing campaigns.

  1. Tailor-Made Solutions

A key focus in 2020 is how well the advertising campaigns are personalized to the targeted audience. Understanding the minds of the customer betters would be critical in this regard. Incorporating the elements of emotion synchronized with interests that move customers would prove to have a magical touch in gaining much more exposure and customers’ response. And, eventually result in building a better brand.

  1. Embracing Innovations in OOH

Innovation would play a huge role in redefining the way OOH media is performing. New technological advancements and innovation in OOH that incorporates mobile and IoT technologies would open up to cater to new experiences and the ability to interact with the audience. With such coordination, OOH advertisement would be able to leverage data collected at multiple touch-points. It will use its showcase advertisements that resonate with the mood, behavior, interest, and preferences of the customers. Beacons, Smart Sensors, Facial Recognition, and others are all part of these innovations. 

  1. Scalable Technology

Making an impact in 2020 would need more than just execution and planning. Keeping an all-round approach is critical in this bid. Thus, it would need better collaboration, use of data, and cross-exchange of ads to pursue desired outcomes effectively. Scaling technology, building trust, and recognition factor will be driving forces for keeping up with this trend.

  1. Multi-Channel Integration

2020 is all about foraying across multiple channels to tap limitless opportunities and growth those channel offers. Following this trend, this year would witness OOH media to combine and integrate with digital, social, and online ads. With the rise of interactive components that encompasses motion capability and scalable content opportunity. These factors would be conducive to in keeping the brand message consistent across all mediums.

  1. Data-Backed Actions

Using data to shape planning and strategies, advertising campaigns would have a much greater impact instead of relying on mere guesswork. Action-based on data would result in a more successful campaign and tangible outcomes. Here data collected from innovative devices we previously discussed, such as beacons, facial recognition, and existing customer database, would revolutionize the scope of the advertising campaign. With more data in hand, the advertiser can shuffle their cards to tweak the ad performance. This data could be either based on age, habit, interest, or behavior-based data of the targeted audience. Subsequently, these performance checks would deliver optimal visibility, traction, and engagement. Ultimately, it would be more contextually relevant and optimized for the targeted audience.

  1.  Storytelling

With embark of 2020, OOH advertisement would no longer be monotonous and tedious. The year will experience greater emphasis on creating compelling and engaging advertising campaigns centered on a story. Accommodating storytelling in future campaigns will be instrumental in enabling brands to connect and communicate with the audience by sharing their vision, ideology, and ethics better. Keeping this mind, the brand can experiment with roadshows, product-sampling, and seminars to allow one-on-one customer interaction. Availing pervasive technology to create a magical effect that could be stunning graphics, visuals, videos, motion technology, and artificial intelligence would provide a realistic and seamless experience to the storytelling. In the end, the race to being the best would be winning by the one that would be able to cater to rich experiences to customers.

  1. Uncovering Hidden Channels

While the majority of the focus entirely on billboards, POS displays, and digital displays. The importance and scope of other outdoor advertising channels cannot be undermined. These channels have the potential to turn the needle of growth in favor of small and medium segment businesses. Airport, bus, & another form of transit advertising remains a strong contender to outperform billboard advertising. Hence, it is essential to keep an autonomous all-round approach to reap significant benefits for building brand awareness.

  1. Go for the Digital

The beginning of the digital marketing era has unfolded multifarious growth for many businesses. However, all businesses have not still kept with the trend due to budget and expertise constraints. Here outdoor advertising has the advantage of being a traditional medium. But this medium remains affected by the evolution of digital OOH media, which brings convenience, rich content and bright colors in an existing system. Due to the cycle of changes, Digital outdoor advertising tends to be more effective with features like multi-content ad display, increased target ability, repetition, and its ability to change as per the data present in the database. Therefore, it can display contextually relevant ads to the consumers and eventually increasing the probability of getting a response. With these immense possibilities, brands have much more to win and less to lose.

Winding Up

The break down to get potentially developed as a focused consumer brand and a player that customers have faith in requires more than just advertising. And, the primary ingredients would be taking small and careful steps that are aligned with customer’s expectations, authenticity, purpose, genuineness, and a novel approach to be the ideal brand. All these factors are surprisingly enough to build better brand value and, eventually, a much-known brand. And, like the proverb, ‘Rome is not built in a day,’ should be your mantra to get more brand visibility and exposure. Take a step by step planning and turn your business into an unstoppable performer.

Author: Sameer Negi

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