Published On: Wed, Apr 20th, 2022

9 Awesome Infographics Ideas to Inspire You

If you run ads or post content on social media, especially Instagram, you can’t do without infographics.

Infographics are the best way of grabbing attention online these days. They’ve also redefined the way we present information nowadays. Instead of writing lengthy blocks of texts and then looking for the right supporting images, infographics let us do both in just one image.

Indeed, infographics are the rave of the moment, and your business needs to start creating them now.

If you don’t have any ideas to get started with, this post is going to show you some awesome infographics ideas that will get you off the ground.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

 9 Awesome Infographic ideas for Inspiration

1.   Showcase your behind-the-scenes

How many times have you shown your audience the faces behind the amazing content in your Instagram feed?

How many times have you shown your customers the work that goes into creating your products?

What about the few times you ran into challenges? Or has it all been smooth sailing so far?

Behind-the-scenes infographics tap into the human side of your business and helps you convey heartfelt messages to your audience.

A simple company organogram is a perfect illustration of this, although there are other flowchart types that would pass for a behind-the-scenes infographic.

Topics to explore:

Company’s organogram, product case study, production challenges, an employee feature, etc.

2.   Step-by-step infographics guide

Step-by-step infographics are used to visually break down processes or give specific instructions on products and services.

Sometimes your customers may need guidance on how to use your product, website, etc.

Sometimes you may need to break down complex concepts into bite-sized formats for your audience to grasp what you’re saying.

Sometimes, you may need to show your audience what actions to take in the event of certain outcomes. E.g., if you follow route A, do this. If that doesn’t work, take route B and do this.

For cases like these, a step-by-step infographic guide comes in handy.

Topics to explore:

Product guide, Concept explanation, Service description, How-to guide, Simple DIYs, Informative guide on complex concepts, etc.

3.   Tips, hacks, and Tricks

Virtually every industry has room for informative content. People want to learn how to do things, fix things, or buy things. In short, everybody wants to get informed.

For brands, this is a great opportunity to showcase your authority and expertise in the industry. And the good news is infographics are the perfect medium for doing that.

Rather than put your audience through the tedious process of reading lengthy pages of blog posts, you can use infographics to show people what they need to know.

For your audience, the tips, tricks, and hacks are easier to digest when they come in infographics format. And this is why such content are more popular than others on social media.

Topics to explore:

Special industry-relevant secrets, How-tos, Tips, Tricks, Hacks, special tools, revelations, little known facts, etc

4.   Showcase values, offers, and USPs

Every company has its unique selling proposition – that one thing that sets you apart from the competition. You can use infographics to inform your audience of this. 

For example, let’s say you’re a smartphone repair business that offers free consultation on all your services. You can use a simple infographic to inform the public about this.

If you’re offering promo offers – discounts, coupons, freebies, etc. – infographics are good weapons for informing your audience about this. Whether you place them on blogs or somewhere on Facebook, you can bet your audience wouldn’t miss them.

Topics to explore:

Product introduction, time-limited offers, little known facts (especially about your brand and products), USPs, product features/benefits

5.   Statistics and facts

Did you just make a new discovery in your industry? Present this in an infographic.

Did you just gather some insightful facts you’ll like to share with your audience? Put them in an aesthetically pleasing infographic.

Statistics and facts are some of the most captivating content on the internet. They hit the right chords with people because of the feeling that they’re true and legit. Don’t just tap into this existing allure; present your facts and figures in a hard-to-miss fashion.

Topics to explore:

Recent industry-related discoveries, facts, figures, numbers, and other relevant statistics


I would rather take a screenshot of an infographic quote from Martin Luther King and share it with my friends than copy and paste the same to send as DM.

People enjoy motivational quotes. No doubts. But they love it even more when it’s presented in an infographics format.

Wow your audience by turning popular quotes into share-worthy infographics content. I can assure you they will react positively to it.

Topics to explore:

Famous quotes from old times, inspirational quotes, interview quotes from industry leaders, statements from famous people, etc.

7.   Concept and idea comparison

Many times, when we want to compare products, concepts, and ideas, we tend to lean more toward textual content.

For example, WordPress vs. Wix. Many writers will rather write a long blog post about that topic. Another example is Netflix vs. Amazon Prime. There are countless articles online about that topic, too.

While that is absolutely cool, you have to understand that not everyone has the time to read a 2000-word-long article. Some people just want to know why Netflix is better than Amazon in less than 50 words.

Infographics let you create such content.

Rather than comparing things in words or with charts, infographics let you do same in a more visually-appealing manner.

Topics to explore:

Product comparison, thoughts or ideas comparison, comparisons for the purpose of creating an informative content, etc

8.   Visual articles

Did you know you can present articles as infographics, too?

Oh, you bet you can.

A lot of people have started tapping into this trend. I see it on Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, and sometimes on Twitter.

For example, someone looking to write about the topic ‘How to protect your skin’ will present their article in a visual format like this.


Rather than sharing links to your blog posts everywhere, this is a great way to captivate an audience anywhere you find yourself.

Topics to explore:

Simple written articles.

9.   Bust a myth

You want people to spot you quickly and engage with your content? Create an infographic that debunks a long-standing opinion.

Bursting myths with hard facts is something that never goes unnoticed. And by presenting in an infographic format, you make your take even harder to ignore.

Topics to explore:

Any myths at all, provided you have the facts to back your claims.

Author: Uday Tank

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