Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2019

8 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Dubai

Dubai is a fast-growing tourist destination attracting thousands of tourists every year. With its stunning sci fi like skyline, bright sunny beaches, exciting nightlife, luxurious malls, lip smacking food and top-notch service industry, this place is absolutely happening. With tourism companies offering amazing Dubai Travel Packages, people of all ages are visiting this desert paradise, be it young honeymoon couples looking for a romantic trip to families looking for fun and adventure to retired friends planning on a chilled vacation. If Dubai is on your plans as well, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Dubai continues to be a hot spot pictured/Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world photo/Alberto G Rovi via wikimedia commons

Plan your trip in advance

The best time to visit Dubai is between November to March, October and April being the hotter but moderately pleasant shoulder season. It is when the temperature comes down to soothing levels to be able to go sightseeing and do things. It is the winter season here when the weather is relatively less hot, the skies are beautifully blue and perfect for beach time. But chances of rain are pretty high too, but since the showers are short and quick, it wouldn’t put a dampener on your plan.

Friday and Saturday are off days

Like most Islamic countries Friday is religious prayer day of the week in Dubai which means that weekend is practically Friday and Saturday. Metro services start late, some of the shops are also closed for a few hours during the day and you might face some difficulty finding transport as people are busy at the congregational prayer. During the holy month of Ramadan or Ramzan expect a slower pace of travel as well as a number of places are often closed for a few hours for prayers. If you choose to visit during this time, plan your sightseeing accordingly.

Language barrier isn’t a problem

Arabic is the language of Dubai but if you are an English speaker, you wouldn’t really experience much problem due to language barrier. Tons of signs, road names, etc. are written in English and people are pretty well conversant in the language. But if you want a more authentic experience you could always carry a translator app which translates whatever is written in a picture you take to be able to understand what you read.

Dress respectfully

There is no dress code per say, and you are absolutely free to wear your bikini on the beach but overall women are expected to dress modestly in public areas. While visiting mosques women are expected to cover their head so it is a good idea to carry a scarf with you. Even if you don’t have one, most big mosques have a traditional headscarf that visitors can slip on. For both sexes arms and legs should be adequately covered up as well.

Carry you ID for alcohol

Contrary to popular belief alcohol is available in Dubai. Every bar, hotel and club have excellent alcohol options available. But you will be required to show a proof of age to be able to drink therefore, carry your ID proof in person when you go out drinking. In order to purchase alcohol, even for personal use, you will require an alcohol permit, but alcohol is otherwise easily available. Drinking in public is however not allowed.

Public display of affection is not accepted

Any form of public display of affection, including seemingly harmless kissing, is extremely frowned upon in Dubai. It is actually possible to get into trouble on account of public indecency for PDA.

You will need sunscreen

There is absolutely no denying that it is hot in Dubai. Even during their pleasant winter months, the temperature hovers around 25-30C or more. The sun’s rays are pretty strong, and you will need a lot of sunscreen, and that too, high SPF, every single time you go out. The risks of sunburn are pretty high so make sure you do not get out of your hotel room without sunscreen.  

Tipping is appreciated

While tipping is not practically mandatory in Dubai it is definitely much appreciated. Usually 10-15% of the bill is the standard tipping rate. The service sector in Dubai is absolutely sterling and you will be impressed enough to tip.

From stunning beaches to exciting desert safari, dazzling malls to happening nightlife, exciting adventures to luxurious spas Dubai has it all. Irrespective of age and interests, there is something for everyone here. This holiday experience grandeur, luxury and magnificence like never before in delightful Dubai!

Author: Louise Campos

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