Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

8 Steps to Choosing the Right Super Automatic Espresso Machine

With the majority of Americans being coffee-lovers and consuming several cups of it per day, it is no wonder that many are opting to buy their own espresso machines and make their own coffee. This way they can get all of the control over the final products, at a margin of the cost.

Super-automatic machines are extremely sophisticated and will grind and brew your coffee at a touch of a button. You can say goodbye to waiting in line: it will not take only a few minutes for you to get your daily caffeine fix.

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A decision on which super-automatic espresso machine is right for you and your household is not something to be taken lightly, and can sometimes be hard to make- especially if you’re not sure which factors to consider.

This is why we came up with this useful 8-step guide to help make the right choice for your household:


  • Conduct a Needs Assessment


The first step is figuring out what exactly you want and expect from your espresso machine.

Super-automated machines are designed for people of the 21st century: always busy and on the move. Their speed and effectiveness is the main appeal. Still, knowing you need your coffee fast is not the only thing to consider.

Different models of super-automated espresso machines offer different drink options. If you’re a fan of espressos and Americanos, you can go with the simpler options, but you can also choose machines with more advanced menu items, which also offer additional drink customization.


  • Do Size Research


This may seem obvious, but is laughingly easy to overlook checking the dimensions of your chosen machine. You have seen the size of espresso machines in coffee shops- most of them would not be able to fit into a regular American kitchen.

This is why the first thing you need to do when a machine catches your eye is to see if your counter can accommodate it.


  • Decide on your Preferences


Preferring putting fresh coffee beans into your espresso machine over using a pod is not a problem. Though it seems logical that the convenience factor of super-automated machines goes hand in hand with usage of coffee capsules, for easier clean up and switching between types of coffee, there are still many super-automated machines on the market that allow you to use fresh beans and be more environmentally friendly.

The same goes for your preferences regarding the milk in your coffee- will you need a machine with a milk frothing device or not? Even if you’re not one to add milk to your coffee, we suggest going with the former option, just in case of visitors.


Other special features to consider are existence of a water filter, cup warmer and a frothing wand.


  • Think of the Cleaning


The least favorite part of owning an espresso machine is having to clean it. Keep in mind that machines that use capsules make for an easier clean up, as do machines with a built in milk frother, when making your final decision.


  • Consider the Cost


Budgeting is never easy, and super-automated espresso machines can be costly. They offer enough convenience to be able to afford it.

There are some smaller models that go for a few hundred dollars, and they are a good option for those busy individuals who just want their coffee as fast as possible, with no fancy additions.


  • Think of the Durability


Anytime you’re purchasing an appliance you’re looking for something that will last you a while- and an espresso machine is no different. Typically, a good quality super automated machine will do great for a couple of years, and the less parts it has the lower the chances of something breaking.

Spending a little more money for a more durable, commercialized espresso machine can possible save you money long-term.


  • Check the Customer Service and Warranty


If something does go wrong, you want to know if the people there to help you will be willing to do so. We suggest combing through product reviews and customer comments to really get the full picture about a brand.


  • Cross Check your Options


There are many brands out there, some more reliable than others. You will need to conduct some research in order to find the best and most fitting features for you. To start you off with, the reviews here is an overview of the 10 best super-automated espresso machines on the market.


Just like with any other purchase, be prepared to get your research goggles on. It will take a little hard work, but the payout will be magnificent and you will soon be able to enjoy having your own personal barista in the kitchen- producing deliciousness at the press of a button. While you’re dreaming that up, here are some tips on how to make the perfect cup.  

Author: Sam Altars

photo/ engin akyurt

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