Published On: Thu, Jun 17th, 2021

8 Significant Reasons To Power Up Your Marketing Automation With AI

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. In the constantly changing business landscape and consumer behaviour, using timeworn methodologies for marketing can make it difficult for an enterprise to survive and grow. For that reason, business organizations use marketing automation software to optimize their marketing strategies, save time and achieve their sales goals. But, if you need to prepare your business for the challenging future, combining AI with marketing automation has become a requisite these days.

As per IBM’s Global AI Adoption Index 2021, almost one-third of IT professionals say their firm is using AI technology and almost half say their companies are exploring AI for future business growth.

The questions that are likely to arise in your mind are – what are the benefits of adding AI technology to your marketing strategies and how AI enabled marketing automation software can help you in making the most out of future business opportunities? This article will shed some light on how prominently AI can be applied in marketing automation and how it can prove to be beneficial to the leading marketing practitioners and businesses.

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Improved Personalization

You must be already familiar with the personalized recommendations that are displayed when you login to Amazon, Netflix, etc.These recommendations are being offered with the use of AI technology that has become increasingly smart over the years. With the help of AI you can have the data relating to the consumers’ past visits, preferences, watch list etc. Based on that, you can provide personalized recommendations to your consumers and communicate with them on an individual level increasing the chances of conversions.

Smart Marketing Campaigns

Are you spending your time on the right leads that have high chances of getting converted? Are you sending emails to your customers at the right time? AI can give you the answer to these types of questions as it has the ability to evaluate the data collected from the leads and come up with a quick analysis. Artificial intelligence with marketing automation can help you in keeping track of the information enabling you to execute smart marketing campaigns and acquire more customers at a lesser cost. 

Content Optimization

Marketing automation software is known to help marketers create content for email marketing, social media marketing, and other paid and free marketing campaigns. Artificial Intelligence on other hand can optimize that content based on the data collected relating to high performing keywords, and changes in search engine algorithm. The AI marketing automation tools also include content marketing templates so that you can save your time while creating new content for your marketing campaigns.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the ability to forecast the future issues in order to make the right decisions as per present situations. AI in marketing automation can help in future decisioning that is best suited for the business and its customers. In this setup, the marketers are able to determine the future demand and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. Moreover, the companies are also able to make recruitment decisions so that they are capable enough to handle the future sales demands and save on their costs relating to overstaffing or understaffing.

Quick Response Time

AI with marketing automation software enables marketers to send automated emails to their customers or solve their queries at any time of the day using chatbots. AI doesn’t let you miss out on any opportunity to communicate with your customers. The expense of hiring a team of customer service representatives for a 24/7 shift can prove to be more expensive than investing in an AI-based marketing automation software.

Enhanced Productivity

AI can eliminate the most common operational pain points like technology failures, meeting schedules, project management, and knowledge access. The AI enabled marketing automation software allows sales teams to focus on creative problem solving and brainstorming helping them to execute the right marketing strategies at the right time. The marketing campaigns can have better business results with AI working in the background facilitating relevant content creation, accurate analytical data, and better decision making.

Identify Right Marketing Channel

Marketing automation is no more based on a trial-and-error methodology. What if your customers don’t open your email, or don’t notice your social media post? How will you ensure that your marketing efforts get the attention of the right kind of audience. Artificial Intelligence can help you in identifying the platforms on which your audience is highly active on or which devices they usually use to access the type of products or services you provide. Based on this information, you can choose the channels that help you in driving the attention of your audiences towards your brand and make your marketing campaigns more effective.

Eliminates Manual Efforts

The AI-based marketing automation software doesn’t require marketers to manually supervise the progress of marketing campaigns. AI has the capability to make decisions based on past performance data. It can handle volumes of data and segregate the leads based on purchase history, behaviour patterns, etc., and send them emails and messages accordingly. The marketers need not make efforts to segregate emails for a specific group of leads. The AI powered marketing automation software does that and thus eliminates the need of manual efforts to a great extent.

The Final Words….

To summarize, artificial intelligence has tremendous potential to transform marketing automation into smart marketing automation. AI-enabled marketing automation software can help you in providing incredible customer experiences, deliver better and relevant content, execute personalized marketing campaigns and in the end achieve your desired sales goals. 

“To move faster, to transform faster, and to deliver the magical experience to your customers, artificial intelligence has a very important role,” says Peter Norvig, an American researcher at Google, LLC. The impact of AI is spectacular and business enterprises that take advantage of this technology can experience astounding benefits. AI in marketing automation is promising, as it can make solutions much more intelligent, efficient, and consumer-friendly. Being a business owner or a marketer, it is evident that you too want to stay competitive and take advantage of cutting-edge AI enabled marketing automation apps to earn more business. With the right marketing automation software and proven marketing methodologies you can augment your customer experiences and improve your brand image. Just pick up the best marketing automation software powered with AI to help you grow your business at a lightning speed.


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