Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2018

8 Reasons why themed weddings are more popular than ever

Once you’ve got the ring and are engaged, it’s time to start thinking about the wedding! It can sometimes be hard to finalize details of the wedding. Most couples want to get married in style but have no idea where to start from. Katie from Orla James suggests that having a themed wedding is easier than opting for a traditional wedding. She thinks themed weddings are more fun, easier to plan, and are more enjoyable.

These weddings have gained a lot of popularity over the past decade and a half. Most weddings today are built around a theme that is unique and individualized to the couple.

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Let us look at a few reasons why themed weddings are more popular currently.


  • Love of the theme:


Partners today are together for more than just love. They have common interests in hobbies, movies, music, and so on. Most themes that modern couples choose tend to resonate deeply with them. The trick is to think deeply about the theme being planned and discuss whether it is still going to be relevant to the marriage twenty years from now. If the chosen theme still fits with the ideology of the wedding, then it’s a good idea to go ahead and plan the wedding around it.



  • Planning the wedding is easier:


Themed weddings are historically easier to plan than ones without themes. Wedding décor, ideas, favors, food, and dresses become easier to plan once the central idea is known. Most couples today prefer opting for themed weddings since the entire wedding revolved around a single idea, color scheme, or character. Once this idea is clear, getting the wedding and reception planned around it becomes a lot easier than running around organizing everything without an idea.



  • Themes tell stories:


Yes, this is extremely important. many couples like to showcase their journey together that leads to a culmination of their wedding. Such themes are usually story-telling themes that center on the couple and not an idea. Since the theme tells the story of their love, it becomes easier to involve everyone in the happiness and joy of the union. Some couples also prefer telling their story through images, pictures, boards, party favors, and design and décor.



  • Easier to visualize:


Having a theme to concentrate on instead of planning everything from scratch makes it quicker to visualize how the wedding will look. If a wedding theme is based on colors, the thread holding the wedding together would be the colors chosen. Invitations, décor, flowers, bridal gowns, tuxedos, décor, and favors would all flow in the same color scheme that adds uniqueness, added meaning, and a common thread to the wedding. Visualization of the end result becomes much easier for the couple and the wedding planner.



  • Personal style:


Personally styled wedding themes are gaining popularity over traditional weddings since couples get to showcase their creativity, love, and mutual likes to the world. It gives them artistic freedom to express their individual personalities and how they blend well together. Personal styles are a representation of how two unique people come together to form an everlasting bond of love that is respected and mutual.



  • A wealth of resources:


It is easier to find things and resources on the internet that cater to one particular theme rather than searching for every little thing individually. There are thousands of resources available at the click of a button for tips, tricks, props, décor, caterers, videographers, photographers, and so on related to a theme. Some specialists even cater only to themed weddings and tend to become an indispensable part of the wedding planning.



  • Themed weddings bring people together:


Guests and family members attending your wedding have a clear picture of what to expect, how to dress, what to bring, and what their parts of the wedding would be. You might only want them to wear a particular color to your wedding, but this also brings people closer. This feeling of togetherness is created through themed weddings.



  • Excellent memories:


Themed weddings look fabulous for wedding photos and videos. Beach weddings, garden weddings, floral weddings, winter weddings, autumn weddings, movie-themed weddings, and even Harry Potter weddings make for excellent fun-filled memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Besides just having excellent photos, themed weddings are talked about and remembered for longer than traditional weddings that can tend to become a bit boring.

A themed wedding is a perfect option to create everlasting memories, magical photographs and portrays a unified approach to the rest of your life together. Reflect your theme across lighting, florals, apparel, signs, invitations, wedding favors, and venue.

Author: Katie Jones

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