Published On: Mon, Aug 24th, 2020

8 Natural Beauty Secrets Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

No matter how great you look, the chances are that you still find yourself admiring the beauty and skin glow of some people on the street or on your TV and wishing it was you. 

Genetics certainly plays a part in our looks, but a lot of it comes down to basic beauty secrets everyone can learn. It may surprise you that some of the best beauty hacks are little known. 

Let’s take a short, virtual trip around the world for natural beauty secrets that can practically transform the way your skin and hair look and boost your confidence. 

Try avocado for great hair sheen 

Avocado is fantastic for not just your hair, but also your face. 

How can you use avocado to enhance the appearance and feel of your hair? Mash an avocado and banana together and mix in a tablespoon of olive oil to make a uniform paste. 

Rub the paste into the roots of your hair and work it down to the tips. Leave it for about 30 minutes, then get in the shower and shampoo, condition and rinse. The results will amaze you!

Use rosewater as a facial cleanser

Rosewater is one of the best all-around rinses you can use to improve your skin’s health and beauty.

How do you make Rosewater? Simple. Steam tea with rose petals or properly dilute rose oil and use, and you can get an amazing natural facial cleanser to enjoy moisturized, clean and clear skin.

Olive oil for healthy skin

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It is also great for your hair when you regularly consume it. 

Olive oil is also a daily part of their diet in countries like Greece and Italy, but a more common choice in other parts of the world is butter or margarine. However, neither butter nor margarine has all vitamins and healthy antioxidants that olive oil contains.

So next time you visit the grocery store, consider adding a bottle of olive oil to your cart or basket. In place of spreading butter or margarine on your bread, as usual, spice up your olive oil and use it as a dip with bread at dinner time. 

And think about swapping your vegetable oil with olive oil, too. It’s a lot better for your skin health.  

Rosemary for healthy hair

Steep a hair rinse out of rosemary and apple cider vinegar and watch the magic it does to your hair. Plus you can do so much with just a bit and rinse again and again before it goes out. Rosemary also helps to remove buildup from your hair to give your hair a deeper cleansing effect. 

A little note of warning, however: your hair will darken with rosemary, which is perfect if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you prefer your locks light, you may want to skip it.

photo/ Stocksnap

Aloe for glossy hair

The aloe contains rich juice which you can get when you break the leaf. Apply it in your hair and scalp.  If you don’t have an aloe leaf, no problem. Simply buy an aloe gel next time you visit the store. 

Aloe is also fantastic for your skin. Just mix with lime and ginger to make a perfect moisturizer. It works as a wonderful soothing gel for inflammatory skin.

Avocado or papaya for radiant skin

pound papaya or avocado into a paste and apply the mixture on your face. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse it off. Both fruits contain some great oils that are ideal for keeping your face fresh, radiant and relaxed.

Papaya also has an enzyme called papain that acts as an exfoliating agent. This is a perfect way to use avocados that are slightly overripe. Otherwise, they just go to waste.

Yarrow extract for stretch marks

Do you have stretch marks and they worry you? Those ugly marks appear during pregnancy, or after you gain weight fast or have a growth spurt. They’re extremely difficult to get rid up once they show up on your body because they’re basically scar tissue. Yet that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them.

Yarrow root has anti-inflammatory compounds and can also serve as a moisturizer. These combine to do a fantastic job of calming and curing all sorts of skin inflammations, stretch marks and other old wounds. So make sure to keep an eye out for a cream with yarrow root and other essential natural extracts such as Okana Natural Moisturizer for a natural, effective cure for stretch marks!

Ginger and honey to prevent wrinkles

If you want to stop wrinkles from appearing on your face or reduce the ones on it already, a blend of honey and ginger can be very useful. Simply mix with a little water and apply the result on your face.  

The honey gives it a nice sweet scent, and the ginger has a rejuvenating worth. It’s a perfect ‘wake up’ routine in the morning! You will instantly feel fresh and energised for the day ahead – plus you’ll look it too. If you begin this routine at a young age and keep to it every day, you continue looking young for a very long time.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of wonderful beauty secrets from all over the world! As you can see, most of these ideas are inexpensive and simple to do with standard ingredients you probably have close to you in your garden or kitchen. Drink enough water too. Enjoy owning a beautiful and confidence-boosting skin and hair and be sure to share with us your own beauty tips in the comments below!

Author: Sheikh Huzaifa

photo/ incuthaifilms via pixabay

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