Published On: Fri, Dec 22nd, 2017

8 Hacks to Build a Better Car Sound System

Sound enthusiasts listen up! I’ve found the best solution to amp up your car’s sound experience. And no, it’s not only with an amplifier.

There are eight simple ways for you to build a better sound system.

It’ll be worth it if you utilize these steps. You get an instant burst of sound improvement that makes you never want to leave your car.

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Replace the Speakers

Your car’s factory speakers must be the first item to go. How the speaker produces sounds is not a priority for car manufacturers. They’re okay with speakers sounding basic.

There are many aftermarket speakers that incorporate different outputs. You’ll hear tighter bass and clearer notes with these.

https://www.caraudiologic.com/rockford-fosgate-p3d4-12-punch-p3-review/ is a perfect example how an aftermarket speaker has the right technology and design to bring you a new world of music.

These types of speakers are more valuable because they’re built to last almost a lifetime. The loudness, music genre and how often you listen to music won’t put a strain on them.

If you only replace the speakers you’re making the biggest improvement towards the sound system.

Bypass the Radio’s Built In DAC

The digital to analog converter (DAC) transforms digital information into music signals. The DAC does a good job of emitting pure sounds when you listen with earbuds.

When you connect your phone or other music players they don’t play the same sounds. This is why you need to bypass the DAC. When you do, all musical notes are heard exactly the same no matter the speaker output.

It’s quite simple to bypass the DAC. You need a stereo that has a USB connection. If you don’t you can easily purchase and install one.

Use a Sound Deadening Material

The car’s doors aren’t the best place to hold the speakers. I know, what a shocker, since every car has this design.

The only reason why it’s not the best place is that the doors have a thin cover over the speakers. The thin cover vibrates when you play music which in turn affects the sound accuracy.

To reduce sound vibration and enhance audio accuracy place a sound deadening material inside the doors.

Have you noticed when you drive faster the music quality begins to deteriorate? Road noise tends to mask lower frequencies. Another excellent reason why you need a sound deadening material. It lowers the interior noise as you drive so you can hear music more clearly.

The material ensures your amp or subs don’t have to work as hard to produce high quality sounds.

Built on the Audio Equipment

Yes, it’s great if you purchased new speakers. What’s better is if you purchased other audio equipment.

But what exactly do you need?

An amplifier boosts the sound performance. It also provides more clean sound at higher stereo wattage. The amp handles peak power well to prevent distortion

A signal processor lets you adjust the treble, bass and EQ. Finely tuned music plays better and you’ll enjoy it better.

If you’re missing the low end ranges a subwoofer is what you need. You can hear deep notes and bass clearly which is essential for almost all music genres.

Get a Sub Box

Is your sub in a box? It must be. A box helps the dub to deliver low frequencies better.

The box must be sealed properly. There must only be a cut out for the face of the sub where music plays through.

It’s up to you if you want to build or buy a sub box. You must make sure the sub is sealed in the box. Air leaks can harm the sub’s performance which affects the music that you hear.

The box needs to also match the volume you intend to play music. A mismatch can affect the performance and the sub’s lifespan.

Use Crossovers

Most aftermarket sound systems have built in crossovers. These improve your sound performance beyond your expectation.

The crossover is the electrical device that converts a signal from one input into multiple outputs. These outputs are the other sound audio equipment that plays your music. They include the subs, tweeters, woofers and subwoofers.

Crossovers let the other music equipment play the tones they’re designed for. For example the sub plays low tones whereas tweeters are best for high frequency sounds.

Set the Gains and EQ Properly

There have been countless times where I’ve been in a car with the best music equipment yet the sound performance lacks. This happens because the gains and EQ haven’t been tuned properly.

The work isn’t done once the sound system is set. You need to do those final adjustments.

You need to set the gains and EQ around how your car is built. This ensures music transmits well in the car. No corner is left untouched which affects the overall performance

When you set the gains and EQ you leave little room for distortion. Whether you drive on the highway or residential roads your music sounds clear for both conditions.

Download High Quality Audio formats

People think that any audio file is fine to play music. Please don’t be one of those people. If you are, change how you download music.

The best formats are Mp3 or Mp4. These formats detail sound frequencies better. Stay away from WAV or AIFF. These are copies of the original source. They sound as if they’re a second hand recording.

With the best audio file your audio equipment will play high, lows, trebles and bass as it should.

Use all these steps to enhance your sound performance now! Your sound system will sound as if the sound gods crafted them. I think it’s the best type of system wouldn’t you agree?

Author: Clarissa Caouette

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photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

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