Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2020

8 Fun and Exciting Activities to do This Weekend with Friends

As the 2020 COVID pandemic has still not vanished from the face of the earth, more and more people are getting bored and mentally stressed waiting for it to pass. Initially, lockdown seemed like the only way to eradicate the virus, but this strategy has failed and only self-protection can help you be safe until they develop a vaccine. Having said that, you also need to take care of your mental health and isolation is not an excellent option anymore. 

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Which is why we have come up with 8 fun activities that you can do this weekend with your friends and family which is also safe in the current scenario.

  1. Plan a Picnic:

If there is a park nearby, pack a picnic basket and a mat to enjoy a beautiful afternoon in the park with your family. You can also go to the beach and lay down on the sand to enjoy the sun. Remember to place your mat far away from others to follow social distancing.

  1. Arrange a Board Game Night:

If you are still skeptical about stepping out, why not organize a board game night and invite your friends over to enjoy the evening playing your favorite games? It’s a good way to pass time and cut out boredom from your life.

  1. Go on a Cycling Trip:

As the gyms are closed or not safe to use anymore, why not plan an activity which is fun as well as gives you some physical exercise? Cycling can be refreshing and also a form of workout which will stimulate the release of endorphins, which is a happy hormone to lift your mood.

  1. Invite Friends Over a Fun Quest:

Quests and treasure hunts are always fun to do in groups, which is why create your own treasure hunt game or enjoy exciting quests by visiting an Escape room. You can easily find one if you search for ‘Things to do near me‘ on your browser, as it is quite a popular activity. Do not worry about safety as they disinfect the room between each and every game. 

  1. Organize a Potluck Lunch:

If you enjoy delicious meals but do not wish to order from restaurant yet due to safety concerns, arranging for a potluck lunch with your close friends can break the monotony. Ask each friend to cook a special dish and meet at someone’s home to enjoy the meal and spend time with your friends.

  1. Have a Bonfire in Your Backyard:

You can always enjoy a romantic night with your partner and other couples by arranging to have a bonfire in your backyard. Simple snacks with a glass of wine and good music can really set the mood to have a good time.

  1. Throw BBQ Party:

If you miss partying, you can always throw a BBQ party in your backyard. As it is an outdoor event, you can meet your friends and still remain safe by maintaining distance. Also, who does not enjoy a good BBQ get-together?

  1. Go on a Trekking Trail:

Going to malls is risky now, but nature is as welcoming as ever. Going on trekking with your family or close friends is not only safe but also a refreshing break from sitting at home or city life. Enjoy solitary in the wilderness by staying overnight in a tent without the fear of the virus spread.

The pandemic has put a halt in our lives but that should not affect us from taking care of our mental health and having fun in life and we are sure that choosing one of the activities listed above is a sure shot way to enjoy a fun weekend with your family or friends.

Author: Nataliya Stefanus

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