Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2018

8 Figure Lifestyle: Beware of These Motivation Killers

You have a strong desire to improve your life. You want to have an 8 figure lifestyle, travel, eat at the finest restaurants, drive a sports car, and have your own time. But something is stopping you from achieving your goals. Are you simply just not motivated enough?

Sometimes it’s more than having the initial motivation, it’s about removing the factors in your life the causing your motivation to be killed soon after it is born. What is the most prevalent motivation killers and what can you do to eliminate these from your life?

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Negative People

Negative people come in all shapes and sizes and can be some of your closest family members or friends. When you set out to do something that is different than what you are currently doing, many people around you will not believe that you have the ability to meet your goals. So what they will do is everything they can to discourage you from going after your goal. Part of the reason they do this is because of jealousy. They do not like the fact that you were trying to better yourself, particularly if they’re doing nothing to better themselves.

Another reason why people close to you will speak negative about your goals is because they are afraid of losing you. When you better yourself, you often find that the people around you no longer fit with the new you. It is common that once you decide to dedicate yourself you look at people around you differently and you might find that many of them simply do not fit into your new life. Some people in your life will recognize this and try and discourage you from going after your goal. It is challenging dealing with these situations with people you love and trust.

However, having negative people around you will deter you from reaching your goals. You must have people around you that are supportive of what you want to get accomplished and they’re willing to put aside their own selfish feelings and fears for your benefit.

You will also encounter people that you have little no relationship with who also want to kill your motivation. Many of these people will have no specific reason to want to do this, it will only be miserable and want you to join in their misery. Others who don’t know you may simply not like you. It may be due to your skin color, sex or sexual orientation, background, or even the shape of your nose. Whatever the reason what is important to remind yourself is that the person cannot the right about your prospects for success simply because they don’t know you. What did his best to do in these situations listen to their opinion, smile, don’t respond, and go on with your life.

Negative Situations

Many of us are born into negative situations. Parents who are unhappy with each other, financial situations that cause the spare, schools that have less than adequate learning environments.  We can also find ourselves as adults in negative situations, a bad marriage, the toxic work environment, family members are abusive, and the range of other things that create negative actions and feelings consistently in our lives. These scenarios can function as motivation killers.

It is critically important then we find ourselves in a negative situation, that we remove ourselves as quickly as possible. This may be really difficult depending upon the situation, and you should always try to improve the situation before you leave.

However if it is obvious that the situation will not improve in that you cannot prove it, the only way to hold on your motivation is to remove yourself from the negative situation. Remind yourself that you were placed on this planet to do important things and that requires that you take actions that allow you to do those important things. When you leave a negative situation is not an indictment of someone who’s causing negative, instead it is a confirmation of your own importance.

Negative people and negative situations are the biggest motivation killers we can encounter. We have to be strong and determined remove ourselves away from both of these negative influences or we will never reach our goals.

Author: James Daniel

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