Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

7 Ways To Keep Your Business Premises Secure

When you have a business premise, it is important to ensure that it is secure at all times. That means the building itself, everything and everyone within it, and even your stored data which can be subject to theft just like anything else can. If you’re not careful, you could be leaving your business open for anyone to walk in and take what they like – sometimes even literally. Take a look at these ways to help improve the security of your business and determine whether it is time to put any of them into effect.

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Carry Out A Risk Assessment

The first thing you need to do when you want to improve security is to carry out a risk assessment of the building. This assessment involves walking around the building itself to identify any weak spots where someone could gain access. It might be a window that doesn’t quite shut properly or a door that is kept wedged open for staff to quickly come in and out, for example. When it comes to your online presence, you should check to see whether your website is secure and how you keep your customers’ details safe. Speak to your employees about anything they may have noticed and ask them what they think might improve their safety and security.

Work On Your Entry Points

It is the entry points of your building that are going to be the cause of most potential break-ins, and so this is where you need to focus your efforts to ensure they are completely secure. Making sure that your doors are solid and double locking is a good idea. Hire a locksmith to install secure, professionally rated locks. As well as this, a keypad entry offers an additional layer of security. Bars can be an excellent deterrent, but they can also be unappealing for anyone working within the office building. It may be possible to install bars that can roll away during the working day and be locked again at night. Most important of all is that the doors all need to be secured when the last person leaves the building.

Look At The Perimeter

As well as keeping the building itself safe and secure, you will want to look at the perimeter too. If a potential burglar arrives at your site and sees that you have plenty of security measures in place, it will deter them from even trying to get in. This kind of additional layer of security could include security lighting that is motion activated and switches on if anyone comes into the area around your premises. It can often be enough to scare someone aware. The right kind of fencing will also help immensely, after all, if no one can climb easily and quickly over the top, they will go elsewhere to steal. Finally, a security guard can be a fantastic way to deter thieves or to catch them if they do attempt to break in. Arm the guard with communications equipment and these tactical flashlights, and they will be able to search out problems and call for help when necessary. Make sure that you don’t put customers off by making your building look too much like a prison, of course!

CCTV And Alarms

Installing a CCTV system is an ideal way to ensure your site is as secure as possible, and it will also help if there is a break in as you will have images and video evidence of the act. Handing this over to the police will help to find the thieves more easily and ensure a conviction. CCTV works as a deterrent too because it is far easier for a would-be burglar to break in somewhere that doesn’t have it than risk being caught by somewhere that does. An alarm system is another handy deterrent. Again, a thief that spots you have an alarm installed is far less likely to try to break in, and if they do and the alarm goes off then the police (assuming it is set up to call them immediately) will be on their way in moments. Install the best alarm that your budget will allow and ensure that you speak to an expert about how it will protect the building; it needs to cover all entry points, for example. The code should also be changed on a regular basis as an additional security measure.

Carry Out Background Checks

Although a background check on each member of staff won’t help if the person in question has never been caught for doing something illegal, it will give you peace of mind. Plus, anyone who has been caught will show up during these checks. If something is found it is entirely down to you as to whether you want to employ that person or not, and in many instances, it will depend on what they were arrested for in the first place. Background checks are a good first step to preventing theft by employees. You could also consider a signing in and out system for visitors as well as issuing passes. This way you will know who is on site at all times, and if you come across anyone without a pass or valid reason for being there, you can act accordingly.

Lock Things Away

There are some items that are more tempting to thieves than others. These are the items that can easily be picked up and taken away without much effort – portable items such as laptops, tablets, phones, and other small but valuable pieces of equipment. It does, of course, include any money that is left on site overnight. A safe is an invaluable investment for anything that can and should be locked away and this is where the money should always be kept. The other items should be marked with a serial number and ultra-violet dye to ensure they are not as valuable to a thief as they might otherwise be. If anything can be locked away in a cupboard or secure room overnight, this should be done too.

Be Safe Online

Cybercrime is on the increase, and you need to prepare for this as well as securing your building. If you don’t already have it, invest in firewall technology and good quality anti-virus software. Ensure that you have strong passwords (and that your staff does too) and regularly back up everything you do.

Author: Carol Trehearn

photo/ Jan Alexander

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