Published On: Thu, May 19th, 2022

7 Tips for Summer Skin

Summer is just around the corner. You will find yourself heading to the beach and enjoying a day under the sun. Before planning your trip, make sure that you have a skincare routine. You don’t want sunburn because you didn’t use appropriate skin products. You also want to have healthy and glowing skin, especially since you’re going to wear your bathing attire. Here are seven skin care tips to consider. 

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Apply sunscreen

Never forget to apply sunscreen before heading out to the beach. Even during regular summer days, you need sunscreen. Use at least SPF 30 for protection. Don’t forget to find one that also offers lip protection. You can omit any other product, but not the sunscreen. Even if it doesn’t seem too hot, your skin might still get affected. Hence, it’s best to always bring sunscreen with you. 

Always moisturize

Make sure you use moisturizers constantly. It’s even better to apply it every two hours. Your skin gets dry during the summer. It’s the same thing during winter. The moisturizer must also be at least an SPF 30 for increased sun protection. 

Consult your skin doctor

You might also need more information to stay glowing during the summer. First, visit your doctor and consider procedures to help your skin look young and healthy. Then, perhaps, you can try the Smoothglo treatment. It’s a convenient procedure that helps you stay prepared as you go out to the beach and flaunt your skin. 

Wear less makeup

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup, you must minimize it even during summer. Remember that you could get sweaty throughout the day, especially if you’re always outside. You should also consider water-resistant options for the makeup to stick on your face all day long. Wearing less makeup also allows your skin to breathe. 

Exfoliate once or twice a week

Your skin could get windburned, cracked, or scaly during summer. You want to remove the dead and dry skin by exfoliating. Use gentle exfoliants to prevent skin irritation. You can also try with a portion of your body first to see how it reacts. 

Don’t stay too long under the sun

Some people love to get a tan by sunbathing. But, while you can enjoy some sun during the summer, you can’t stay under the heat for hours. It’s unhealthy and could lead to sunburn. Worse, your skin also ages faster with sun exposure. Your sunburn might heal after a few days, but the damage to some skin cells could be permanent. 

Wash your face

When you decide to go out during the summer, you will get exposed to pollution and skin irritants. Therefore, it helps to wash your face, but not constantly. The goal is to keep it clean and moisturized. You may also use face wipes or oil control films, as long as you’re comfortable with them. 

With these tips, you can look your best this summer. Create a checklist of what you need and ensure you don’t forget anything before leaving your house. 

Author: Diane Hutton

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