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7 Tips for Pursuing a Nursing Career Around Parenting

Pursuing any sort of career around a new child (or children) can be daunting, and lots of parents may choose to concentrate on raising their child before even thinking about progressing for their long-term job prospects. It can be considerably more daunting when you’re also thinking about progressing in a brand-new career. 

The healthcare industry is also synonymous with long working hours, long hours of study and training, and the potential for a lot of job pressure on new candidates. When this is coupled with raising a child, there’s no doubt that it can appear intimidating. However, succeeding in a nursing career and succeeding as a parent, all at the same time, certainly isn’t impossible. 

There are many great career options out there for nursing candidates, and methods such as online nursing programs and online study can make it considerably easier for new parents wanting to learn in a new career from home, too. 

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So if you want to pursue a rewarding nursing career alongside your parenting duties, here are a few tips on how you can best plan for success. 


  • Plan Out Your Goals


It’s a good idea to be as organized as possible, both for the benefit of your nursing career and your parenting schedule. Taking the time to plan out your career goals will help you to know what exactly you’re aiming for with your career and which steps to take. This is a valuable first step to get into the right mentality and shake off any new-parent exhaustion, too. 

Planning out your goals will require dedicated time to sit down and work through them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some goal planning while parenting, either. When you’re cleaning, feeding, or taking your child on a walk, take the time to think about your career goals and what you’re looking to accomplish. You may even be struck by inspiration when spending time with your child, so be sure to always make a note of anything which occurs to you. 

When planning out your nursing career goals, you may find it helpful to use a notebook and plan out the following ideas: 

  • Is there a specific nursing position you’re hoping to achieve?
  • Are you looking to gain any voluntary experience first to test the waters?
  • Are you looking to work part-time working hours or full-time working hours?
  • What type of salary are you looking for?
  • Are you looking to enroll for any online nursing programs?
  • What are your personal reasons for pursuing a career in nursing? It’s a good idea to explore this thoroughly to best understand yourself and what you’re looking to get out of your nursing career


  • Plan Out Your Schedule


Once you know what your goals are or have at least begun to explore them in a little more detail, you can then begin to think about your intended career schedule. This can include short-term and long-term schedule planning, and you can also take into account your parenting schedule around this too. 

For your nursing career schedule, you should think about all the time commitments — and other commitments — you’ll need to make so that you have a thorough idea of how long you can expect certain areas to take. 

For instance, are you already qualified as a nurse and are looking to further your career? In that case, what kind of progression are you looking for, how do you intend to achieve it, and how long can you expect it to take? 

Or, are you starting your nursing career from scratch? How long will it take you to earn your nursing qualification as a starting point? How many hours of study can you expect, and when will you be graduated by? Nursing qualifications and online nursing programs will always outline how long you can expect your studies to take before you graduate. 

You may then need to research how long candidates can expect to train for a certain nursing position. 

All of this will give you a good indication of what you need to do and how long it will take. You can then map it out in line with your parenting responsibilities and how your career work will best go hand in hand for what you need to do as a parent. This is especially important during your child’s younger years if you need to plan out nursery or school plans and any time you need to set aside for your child’s needs.


  • Consider Online Study Options 


Online study options can be extremely beneficial if you’re a parent and if you need to stay home with your growing child. This can save you a lot of time, effort, and money from traveling to a brick-and-mortar institution, especially if you can’t physically be away from your child for the early years. It also means you can avoid paying for childcare during their later years. 

Seeking online nursing programs means you can gain your intended nursing qualification from home and best fit it around your personal and parenting schedule. It’s also a lot more flexible in terms of needing to break away from your studies if your child unexpectedly needs attention, wakes up from their nap, or needs feeding. 

Online nursing programs are also great options for connecting with other students online too. As a new parent at home with their child, perhaps you’re feeling more isolated, and especially if you haven’t been going out for work, so making those easy online connections in forums or chats on your course may be a huge benefit for your mental health. Not only that, but you may also meet other students studying for online nursing programs who are also working from home as new parents too. 

Nevertheless, it can naturally be tough trying to create a peaceful study space from home when you have a child, but what matters most is planning out your space and schedule to understand when the best time to study will be for you. This is why online nursing programs are great options in offering such flexibility. 


  • Get Help from Others When You Need it 


There’s no doubt that even new parents who aren’t studying for a new career still need help with parenting duties from time to time. Whether you’re a single parent or not, getting help from friends or family is a must when you need it, especially when pursuing a career. 

If you do need someone to babysit while you concentrate on your studies, for example, this can be a huge help to your schedule. Or if you find that the pressures of both studying for a new career, training for a new role, and parenting at the same time are becoming too much, take a break whenever you need it with the help of others. 

Be sure to be honest with yourself and those around you when you might need help in any capacity to take the pressure off. 


  • Don’t Rush Anything


If you’re excited about your new career prospects, whether extremely eager to start online nursing programs, specialize in a new role or simply get the ball rolling for your nursing career, it can be understandable to want to get started as soon as possible. When you’re making a big career decision alongside parenting, it’s important, however, to take your time. 

Not only will this mean that you don’t make any hasty decisions, but it will also allow your brain and body to function at their best by working at a pace that is healthy for you. Trying to rush anything, cram in any new study, and work and train for a new job alongside raising a child can easily lead to burnout, which will be no good for yourself, your child, or your new career.

It’s also important not to rush any decisions about any nursing role you’re planning to take. There are so many nursing options out there once qualified from online nursing programs or other nursing qualifications, and you may be thinking about a certain career path or specialization. However, thorough research is key to what would be the best role for you. You don’t want to risk making an impulsive decision and have it be the wrong one down the line when you’ve spent so much time and effort fitting new career plans around your parenting schedule. 

Use your time wisely, and try to avoid being impulsive with any key decisions. 


  • Think About Classes Which Work Around Your Schedule


Studying and pursuing new careers is a lot more flexible these days, with many options (such as online nursing programs, day classes, or night classes). If you do need to train and study, thinking about a schedule that best works around you and your child is key. If there is an opportunity for a night class that would work better for you than studying during the day, this is an option to consider. 

Alternatively, you may want to study during the day and make sure you have time for your child in the evening. You may need to be flexible or make compromises along the way, but as long as you spend time finding out the sort of schedule which can be available to you, that’s all that matters. 

If you’re training in a nursing capacity, it may even be possible to have flexibility with your schedule if you speak to those in charge. Explaining that you are a new parent who needs a little more flexibility with their schedule may help you to get the training or study hours you best need, and it’s always worth openly communicating regarding your situation. As mentioned, online nursing programs can be the most flexible options for study, but it may take extra thought for planning or arranging childcare when you need to be away from home when it comes to on-the-job training. 


  • Use Technology to Your Advantage 


Technology is what is going to help you stay connected, whether this means for your career or your parenting duties. Technology can help you to more easily connect with services you might need to help with your career research, guidance, or even seeking out dependable childcare services. 

Other technology can also help you to stay connected with your child if you are away for training, work, or studying, such as using a video call or even setting up a home camera that connects to your mobile device so you can see your child at play while you’re away and still feel connected to them. 

Technology and online services are also going to make pursuing any new career a whole lot easier, as well as using apps and online scheduling to better manage your time and organize your schedule or set reminders when needed.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Feel Guilty!

Pursuing a career that means something to you, and especially one as rewarding as a nursing career is your every right. It can be very easy as a new parent to feel guilty for not putting all your time and effort into your child, but there’s nothing to feel guilty for when chasing your own career dreams. Many parents feel as though they have to either be career-oriented or family-oriented, but it’s not the case — you can always have both if you put the time and dedication in, and you never have to feel guilty for the choice you make. 

A stable career you will enjoy, and especially one with long-term job prospects like a nursing career, will only benefit your child in the long-run anyway if it secures a stable income and a happy, fulfilled parent. 

What’s important is planning as much as you can and moving at your own pace. You should also remember that it’s okay to take a break if from pursuing your career aspirations if you feel as though it’s too much right now, or if you’d like to take a year out from your studies and defer for a better time when your child is a little older.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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