Published On: Sat, Oct 31st, 2020

7 Reasons Why You Should Go for a Part-time MBA

MBA has always been considered a very prestigious degree due to the value it holds. If you are keen to take up managerial roles then this degree is essential as it imbibes all the business knowledge integral to a job role. 

The skills that you gain during MBA are versatile and applicable to many job fields. It improves your efficiency as a professional and builds on your core skills. Multitude of advantages that this programme carries has made it a foundation for pursuing any successful career. 

While MBA is necessary, it is impractical for many to pursue a full time degree putting their professional career on hold. Even students struggle to devote their time to a full time post graduate degree especially while holding a full or part time job. 

photo/ Jan Vašek

Though in such cases, professional progress becomes stagnant as you don’t have the necessary credentials for higher job roles. A part time MBA programme is a practical option through which you can enhance your career and also continue with your other commitments without any hurdle. 

As educational landscape is fast evolving to include many different learning platforms, students are exploring suitable MBA options for career growth. Part time learning has emerged to be the most useful, acceptable and preferred medium of education and here is why you should consider opting for part time MBA. 

Flexible learning– The best reason to opt for this programme is the flexibility it offers in terms of study schedule. You don’t have to rush to class everyday but can rather cover your course in a manageable period. Most part time course have evening classes twice a week which makes it easier for everyone to attend them after work. 

Affordable– A cost effective MBA degree is rare and taking this programme part time helps you save money all the while gaining necessary skills. 

Better job roles – This degree will help you in gaining professional success and make you eligible for higher and better paying job roles. If you are already employed, then you can climb the job ranks and apply for promotion within the company. Your seniors will also appreciate your earnest efforts to work on your skills.  

Acknowledgment- Employers are accepting of part time MBA degrees as they are aware of developments in the professional and educational landscape. Learnings are moulded to suit business needs and thus they understand the relevance of part time programmes. Recruiters are appreciative of candidates who pursue such degrees and give due weightage to their MBA credentials. 

Real time application– While pursuing MBA degree alongside work you get the opportunity to directly apply your learning to your job. Instead of awaiting for a job and then using your skills, you are in a position to use updated business knowledge to your job role. This also enhance your efficiency in carrying out any task. 

Edge in job interviews– If you are looking to switch your career or looking for a better position in your current sector then a part time MBA will give you a much needed edge. 

Larger network– Another great benefit of part time MBA is that you will get to enhance your network as you will connect with many other professionals. Your classmate in the MBA class with bring their perspective, experience and expertise which will impact your outlook to business operations

Part time MBA has a huge number of advantages that can impact your career and give you the desired professional success that you are seeking. Pursuing it can be of great value in gaining leverage in your field without impacting your personal-professional life balance. 

Author: Albert Tom

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