Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2022

7 Reasons why every person should consider a forex trading side hustle

Forex trading post COVID19

Multiple economies still remain hit from the impact of Coronavirus that caused rapid lockdowns since early March’20, affected everyday living together with Stocks and Forex trading.

Coronavirus or COVID-19, which caused country authorities to apply strict quarantine measures along with close downs of numerous businesses resulting in the fall of American Stocks, Indices and Markets rapidly. However, now Markets showing recovery patterns, yet concerned about reestablishment procedures and measures taken by the US government to recover economy suffer. 

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COVID effect on US 

US economy being one of the influences and strongest leaders worldwide had to apply strict measures and followed by numerous remedies to support COVID-19 hit on the economy. Despite the application of policies alike Quantitative Easing and regulatory regimes towards business operation and that is apart from the Oil Production War happening due to the rapid fall of the demand and necessity to decrease total world production.

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Even though, after dramatic falls the majority of markets now enter into recovery patterns, along with the slow release of quarantine measures in a number of countries, as of COVID spread start to slow down. However, needless to say world structure already has changed and remains under “hard to predict” state since Oil Production and ongoing tensions rise together with unemployment rates and inflation. 

Trading Post COVID19

Trading post COVID19 might be a tricky task, as market behavior changes and together with its conditions you should adapt as well. While the most complex task may be to keep calm and logic, despite all emotional side involved and keep a truck with strategy. 

Coronavirus’s effect challenged all Markets and let Forex operate under high volatility conditions, which are good points for trading opportunities, as promising better possibilities, yet increasing risks as well, opening up opportunities in spread betting.

Therefore, while trading Forex despite looking on particular currency pair you interested in, also stay concerned about global picture and check on the Oil market as well. Oil has been always one of the sharp point in the industry and geopolitical relationships. As such, look closely on market developments and recovery policies applied by the US government and other world authorities as well. As these measures will lead to priority support of various industries or businesses, eventually defining whether it will survive after COVID or not. 

Besides, we all desperate for very much desired COVID19 vaccine which definitely will create a market rally.  All in all, the resent challenging conditions are very fascinating for trading opportunities, yet require extra caution to deal with as well. The ones who get good knowledge and understanding will win the battle, and you have a chance to become one of those who understands. 

Lastly, Exchanges may apply some trading restrictions that will reflect on your broker trading conditions as well, so be sure to keep yourself updated with any market changes. 

7 Reason why Americans should start trading


Since COVID story still goes on, the uncertainty walks together with us, while you, the same as thousands other Americans may lose jobs and face critical life situations. The economic figures along with unemployment rates increases, placing at risk every American living and the source of income in general. 

Eventually, hard time carrying growth opportunities, so maybe this is exactly the moment to think of shift in your income options and it is good to start Forex Trading side hustle. There are many reasons why trading is a great idea, now available for everyone due to Internet connectivity, so not only for professionals from Wall Street can trade Markets, and here we will highlight the most reasonable ones. 

  • Potentially you can make your good living from Forex trading despite residency, location or the country economic situation
  • Never too late as Forex trading suitable for beginners. Even if you never trade before there is a great opportunity to learn Forex and Markets, become a good trader and maybe even shift your career. There are also brokers that support beginners with learning materials, webinars, seminars or so, so that is good to choose among those proposals. 
  • Every American can become a trader. There are tons of broker accepting US clients, yet make sure to choose only regulated once, also some European or world brokers do not accept the US clients due to regulations as well. Locally regulated brokers in US will adhere to authorization by CFTC or NFA, so you may always choose a good broker suitable for your need.   
  • There is no need to invest millions to start trading. There are numerous regulated and reputable brokers offering to open account with a quite small first deposit that are surely affordable by the majority of Americans. 
  • Amazing flexibility over the Forex trading process that none of the industries can offer. It is fact, everything depends on you, you choose and set everything from trading instrument, exposure, strategy to use, how much time to spend on trading etc. You can be a part-time trader, or just engaging in social trading by following professionals or become a full time responsible professional, at Forex all is possible. 
  • Being American you understand its economy system at some point much better than other millions of traders from different countries. You may speculate on USD currency pairs towards hundreds of other currencies since US$ is one of the most traded, demanded and respected currency also with good volatility. 
  • There is always trading opportunity. Markets always fluctuate so being a trader you can speculate on its movement despite the situation, world conditions so you never remain “out of work”. Forex can promise you financial independence being the most volatile market, along with the current Pandemic situation which dramatically amends markets. So becoming a trader will lead you to know deeply how the world economy and finance work and make your benefit out of it. 

In conclusion, Forex trading definitely worth your serious consideration especially now, while us still going through uncertainty of Pandemic outcome. Although there is no way to know the lasting effect of COVID-19, its obvious effect recalling us to adapt and undergo some lifestyle changes, while Forex trading can be a good answer to many concerns.  

Last but not the least, we bring again your mind to risks involved in trading, being a highly risky activity it requires your full attention and serious approach. Always protect your account with risk management tools and sign with reputable, well regulated, hence legit, brokers which is never a case of offshore companies despite how much interesting and alluring its opportunity is. Safety always first.

Author: Lee Sadawski

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