Published On: Wed, Sep 1st, 2021

7 Reasons Why Elderly Need Caregivers at Home

The elderly deserve all the love and care. Due to prevailing ailments and other aging factors, they become at risk for injuries and falls. While some seniors prefer to live alone, living alone can be quite risky for them. It’s important that someone is looking after them.

Family members, if given the time, would like to care for their elders. However, juggling work, other responsibilities, and taking care of a senior can be overwhelming and stressful. If you live miles away from your elderly loved one, it’s almost impossible for you to take care of them. The best thing to consider is getting home care for senior in Pennsylvania.

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Here are 7 reasons why you should get a caregiver for your elderly family member:

  1. Caregivers help them recover from post-surgery, injury, and ailment.

Caregivers specialize in providing care for clients who are recovering from an ailment, injury, or post-surgery. Caregivers are trained to lend support in daily activities, personal hygiene, routine activities, bathing, bed preparation, and more. They can help seniors perform certain exercise routines and movements necessary for a more comfortable recovery.

  1. They give support for personal hygiene and toileting.

Seniors who are bedridden or those who cannot freely move without assistance can benefit a lot from having a caregiver at home. Caregivers can help them bathe, go to the toilet, and even change their diapers when needed. Seniors are kept clean in order to protect them from infections. If you are worried about caregiving costs, you can also look for a Pennsylvania Medicaid paid caregiver.

  1. They help prevent falls and injuries.

Seniors who require care have reduced physical capabilities and may already have poor balance and coordination. This makes them trips, falls, and other activities. They may be able to move around and do their daily routines, but they are still vulnerable to these injuries. Hence, it’s always better to have a caregiver around to help them with daily activities and support them when needed. A caregiver will minimize or prevent any hazards at home to ensure the safety of the elderly.

  1. Caregivers help enhance the senior’s mobility.

Many seniors have restricted mobility due to joint pain, weak muscles, and other age-related physical conditions. This can make performing day-to-day activities on their own quite difficult. With a caregiver around, seniors are properly assisted with their daily living tasks. Caregivers also encourage seniors to do certain exercises to help improve their mobility.

  1. Seniors get social and emotional support.

Seniors do not only require physical assistance. They need social and emotional support too. Sometimes, just having a companion at home is enough. Caregivers can provide companionship and emotional support, especially to patients with dementia. Professional caregivers have the necessary skills and experience in dealing with patients with dementia and other age-related conditions.

  1. Seniors experience an improved quality of life.

Studies show that seniors who get medical, physical, emotional, and other support at home live a longer and healthier life. This is because most seniors are most comfortable when they’re at home. A professional caregiver can provide the quality of care that the senior needs right in the comfort of the senior’s home. Receiving care at home can help them experience an improved quality of life.

  1. Seniors retain their sense of independence and identity.

Professional caregivers care for seniors, but they don’t restrict them from their independence. They are trained to understand seniors and allow them to perform their daily tasks and pursue the things that they enjoy. This way, the senior feels in control. Having that sense of identity and independence is very crucial for seniors. It helps them develop a more positive outlook in life.

Author: Stefan Prohnitchi

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