Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2017

7 Reasons to Study Abroad in Asia

Over the past few years, studying abroad has become increasingly popular amongst students as part of their degree completion…

Studying abroad offers students the experience of a lifetime as they explore a different culture and have a chance to become more independent – all while continuing to progress in their academic career.

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Most students who have completed a study abroad program describe their experience as the absolute highlight of their years as a student.

Not only can studying abroad make you a more diverse person as you are exposed to a variety of cultural differences and social norms, but it can also make you smarter as you are exposed to a variety of new situations which broaden your way of thinking.

As a student, while you still have the luxury of time and independence, consider investing some of that free time into studying abroad – a few of the benefits include:


  1. 1. The opportunity to learn something new about yourself.

    Studying abroad will change you in ways you will not even be able to explain upon your return. It gives you the opportunity to experience things in such a way you could never understand if you had not been there for yourself.

    From the food to the education to the friendships – you will become completely engulfed in a brand-new environment and the personal growth that comes from such an immersion into new things is irreplaceable.

  2. Making an investment into your future.

    Through networking, you will make valuable connections that could potentially be incredibly important to the future of your career. You will also gain valuable career skills that might not be taught in the area you are from.

    As technology advances, companies interact more and more with people from around the globe. By learning the culture and customs of other markets, you automatically become more marketable as you can easily communicate with people from the area you traveled to.

  3. A way to improve your language skills.

    If you decide to study abroad, you will need to familiarize yourself with the native language somewhat before heading out on your journey abroad. But, you will also spend time while you are there learning about the language.

    Through speaking with the native people and interacting in courses during your study time, you might even become fluent in the native language of that area.

  4. A chance to experience new foods.

    Food is a staple in each culture – everyone has items that are taboo to one culture but part of the daily diet of another culture. Through your experiences while traveling abroad, you might find a new love for foods you never even knew existed.

  5. Endless opportunities to make new friends.

    You will make friends both with people of that country and the people you traveled there with. Typically, when you go to study abroad, you will travel with just a small group of your classmates.

    However, these might not be people you are close with or maybe not even people you know at all. As you all experience new things for the first time, you will continue to grow as a group.

  6. An easy chance to travel far, far away.

    How many times do you have the opportunity to just up and travel to another continent or country for a few weeks or even months? Not very often.

    Especially once you are set in your career, get married, and have kids time becomes a valuable aspect of life that you are often lacking.

    Studying abroad can take you to areas you would otherwise never visit.

  7. An opportunity to switch up your routine.

    You will spend at least four years going to class – day in and day out – at your university. While college is great, it never hurts to switch up the normal experience.

    Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to get out of the classroom and learn things from a different perspective and using different methods.

Studying abroad offers both educational and cultural benefits – it is a great way to learn more about yourself and others. But, not only does studying abroad greatly impact your educational experience, it will potentially impact your career later on as you improve your marketability through travel.

If you have the opportunity to travel abroad, take it. You will be surprised at the experiences you have and what you gain from them – it is something you might never experience otherwise.

Author: Brandon King

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