Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2021

7 Proven PPC Strategies for eCommerce Websites

The increasing competition in the world of eCommerce makes it more difficult to stand out. The rise in the number of businesses using eCommerce platforms, especially in recent months, make pay-per-click (PPC) strategies more useful. There’s nothing wrong with organically moving up the rankings in search engines. The problem is that it could take too much time and effort. Even with constant updates, ranking higher remains a challenge. The good thing is that there are eCommerce PPC strategies that might work. 

Instead of waiting to rank higher in search engines, the key is to purchase a PPC ad. The website link will then appear on top as a paid ad, and many people would see it. Sure, it’s a paid content, but it’s still visible. Some people won’t mind clicking the link if they realize that it’s relevant to what they’re looking for and it’s of excellent value. If the business decides to use PPC campaigns, these tips might be helpful. 

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Improve keyword search 

PPC campaigns are about the bids for the right keywords. Not all of them are worth buying. Some keywords are more valuable than others. Bidding for the right keyword is necessary to make the most out of the amount spent. It’s important to build the right keyword depending on the target audiences and the most common keywords used to look for something online. Keyword segmentation would be necessary to bid on the right keyword and in setting priorities. 

Approach that customers

It would be a terrible mistake to wait for the customers to come and find the products sold. Instead of waiting for them, the best alternative is to approach them. There are various platforms available to reach out to as many people as possible. Advertising through social media and email marketing would be among the best strategies. Reaching out to the target customers would make them feel special. It also shows how much effort business puts into finding the target audiences. Of course, not all of them will decide to buy the products. However, if the message is powerful enough, the conversion rate will drastically increase. Some of them might decide to buy the products on the spot. It’s true, especially if the business found the right people to advertise. 

Make sure the landing page is appropriate 

It’s one thing to convince people to visit a website. Making them stay and explore the page is a different story. One way to ensure that they will stay and navigate the website is to direct them to the correct landing page. No one wants to click a link and get redirected to a page that isn’t relevant to what they’re looking for. Determining the correct landing page for the chosen keywords would be necessary. The ultimate goal is to increase the conversion rate, and it will only happen when the landing page is appropriate.

Update the landing page

Updating the landing page would also be necessary since it will convince people to immediately buy the products and services. They might look for other options if the landing page doesn’t reveal anything important. Potential customers should feel enticed to explore the page in eventually buy the products 

Craft the right ads

The ads need to be appealing. Some people might choose the other options if they don’t find the advertisements to be enticing enough. The short descriptions must have everything that users want to know. The images should also be sharp and easy to understand. Avoid pictures that are quite vague or of poor-quality. The purchased ads will stand next to the other ads bought by competing brands. It would be challenging to stand out if the content doesn’t look good enough. Being specific with the description is also important. It’s an excellent way to tell people that they already found what they’re looking for.

Retarget the ads

This strategy is a smart move. It allows people who already viewed the ads to complete the purchase at a later time. For instants, after the user clicked on the ad and realized that there’s a task to complete elsewhere, the transaction wouldn’t be complete. When retargeting the ads, the user will come back to the same place where things ended earlier. The next step might be to decide to complete the transaction. Apart from retargeting the ads, video retargets, and customer list retargets are other options.

Understand negative keywords

It’s important to understand negative keywords since they won’t have a positive effect on the business. When people look for information online, it might mean something else. If the business purchased an ad based on a negative keyword, it would be a waste of money. For instance, if the company sells chocolate cake, the negative keywords include “chocolate cake recipe” or “how to bake a chocolate cake.” These people don’t have any interest in buying the product. They’re looking for information online so they can prepare the cake themselves at home. Those keywords are probably better for those who sell the ingredients or equipment used in baking cakes.

Asking for help in succeeding with eCommerce PPC

Figuring out how to succeed in this platform can be a daunting task. Given the number of businesses that are also targeting the same audiences and sell the same products, rising to the top is extremely challenging.

The good thing is that there are agencies that provide help regarding eCommerce PPC. They worked on various PPC strategies in the past, and they understand what it takes to boost the popularity of certain products. They also know how to use the right strategies to be competitive. They won’t necessarily speed up the conversion rate increase, but working with these agencies is a step in the right direction. It’s better to ask for help than to start from scratch. Unlike SEO strategies, the use of PPC would require the business to spend money. It should be an amount well-spent. If this strategy doesn’t bear any positive results, it would be a waste. It’s better to pay experts to help, and ensure that more people will come and buy the products soon.

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