Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2019

7 Powerful Lessons to Learn from Nature

Animals have a lot to teach people if anyone cares to learn. Sometimes, sitting quietly and observing is the best way to gain valuable insights into the interconnectedness of life. The news often showcases surprising animals, like the mouse that cleaned up the workbench of the shed it lived in. A list of animals is a convenient way to learn the basics about the natural world, and a little reflection can yield gems of knowledge like those that follow.

Iguana at Butterfly World, Stellenbosch, Western Cape Province, South Africa 2011 photo Leo za1 / © Rute Martins of Leoa’s Photography via wikimedia commons


Birds soar through the air and serve as a reminder of the limitless sky and the potential that comes when we release our fears. Taking off for the first time is terrifying to fledglings but without the courage to take the leap, they can never know the joy of first flight. People often have to find the same steely determination to open their wings and soar.


Pets show their owners how to love unconditionally and without expectations. Similarly, real forgiveness comes when we let go of petty grudges. Cats, and especially dogs, love without inhibition, giving people affection and joy. Imagine what can be accomplished when one’s full attention is focused on a purpose. Like pets, people need to understand that love doesn’t require words. Instead, it’s felt through eye connection and physical touch.

Ants and Bees

Bees and ants work together to help their respective communities. Every person also has a calling that they are best meant to do. Every person in the family is irreplaceable-the same goes for every person in a community or nation. Embrace what you do and share it gladly with the world.

Flocks of Birds

Two birds flying in a flock never run into one another. Yet, they don’t speak. This is a great reminder that real communication doesn’t need words. Sensing the energy in others and reading their body language provides the cues needed to respond appropriately–and it keeps people out of the flight path of others. It’s also a great reminder to guard thoughts carefully.


Zebras don’t look at tigers and wish they could hunt and stalk prey. It’s important to recognize weaknesses and strengths but to also embrace the unique beauty of self.


Butterflies symbolize change. They transform from caterpillars to butterflies in a few short seasons. People also must change and evolve. Some of the wisest moment we have are based on adapting to change as people grow older.

Learning and observing other facts about animals helps people become more adaptive and content in their own lives.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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